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Hot Toys 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver. Part 4

Fully loaded

A fully equipped Hot Toys 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver.: ^^

A more "complete" look for Jill Valentine no doubt. Now she definitely looks ready for combat. ^^ Then again, all the pouches mentioned in Part 2 are still loaded with sponges, even though the sizes definitely match their respective content items. The main intention of that is to keep all the accessories off the figure to allow much easier retrieval. After the really cumbersome process of tightening the nylon webbing straps on some of those pouches in Part 2, and reattached some of them when they got loose, I seriously do not want to risk spoiling the current configuration. ^^; Come to think of it, the troublesome part of that task is kind of fun, considering how real those accessories are when compared to the actual ones in real life.

But I don't want to do it again. XD

The lightweight sponges is of course much easier and stress-free to carry for the belt as well, and that's the second reason why I chose not to swap them with the pouches' actual content. Once they are properly positioned, none of the sponges would be visible to make any difference anyway. ^^

From all that, all the mounted accessories don't constitute to much "weight gain" for Jill actually. XD The heaviest item on her from the images above is Heckler & Koch MP5A3 sub machine gun she wielded with her right hand. ^^

More closeups on the figure, focusing on the accessories:

Moving on to the articulation next.

Shouldn't the articulation be shown before all the accessories are attached onto the figure? For other figures, that's usually the practice, for this Hot Toys figure however, before or after makes no difference at all. ^^; While the headset attached to Jill's ear is linked to the radio pegged to her left shoulder, the wire connecting the devices can easily bend according to the neck's articulation; all the pouches are on her belt, which won't affect the waist joint; and for as little movement possible with the hip (which moves the thigh), the strap of the machine gun magazine pouches compliments that action too - as you would expect from a normal nylon webbing strap. ^^ Everything is very cool, as none of the added accessories is interfering with the figure's joints.

On an "unfortunate" note, maybe it's because the figure's articulation is so limited that none of the accessories would be affected at all. ^^;

Very wide neck articulation allows the head to bend in all directions.
I particularly like the neck area's soft rubber "coating". It's very natural-looking, and doesn't obstruct the neck joint at all. ^^

The waist can be bent frontward and backward.
Jill's black undershirt is exposed. ^^

Rotating the shoulder is a problem, as it's being restricted by the sleeves, but you can rotate the entire arm to perhaps substitute some shoulder action with such movement. ^^;

This is as far as the elbow goes for its articulation. ^^; It's evident that the movement is stopped by the sleeve's wrinkles as they formed when the elbow is bent.
That being very natural-looking is a plus point I suppose ^^

Pretty limited bend for the hip.
You can feel the pants tightening up as the thigh is moved. ^^

Tightening up the pants event more with a knee bend. ^^ Despite the pants' restriction, the knee can bend better than I first anticipated actually. ^^
The knee joint can be seen as a rough silhouette on the pants.

Overall, not much articulation for Jill, just enough for some basic action poses, which is fine with me. ^^ I never expected her to fly or do a Kamen Rider Kick. XD I never expected it to have the same level of articulation as Figma, S.H. Figuarts or S.I.C. figures anyway. ^^ Also, the last 12" action figure reviewed - RAH Mari Illustrious Makinami isn't that great in terms of articulation either, so the lack of that doesn't bother me at all.

Moving on to all the other accessories not shown in the previous two postings:

A standard Hot Toys display base.

The two hooks have rubber caps to prevent the metal tips from harming the figure.
Take that, RAH stand! XD

The display base has the game title printed on top, plus a protruding plate printed with the figure's name.

Capcom's copyright statement printed at the bottom of the base.

Large sniper rifle Heckler & Koch PSG-1.

Closeups on the weapon.
It's a very big weapon, but its gimmicks are slightly less than MP5A3 sub machine gun.

The cheekpiece on the stock can be pushed upward. The button (seemingly so) is a fixed part.

Like the handgun and sub machine gun, the rifle's magazine can be removed, showing off even higher paint work accuracy for the much larger clip. ^^
There's no spare magazine is included for this rifle.

Another sub machine gun - Škorpion vz. 61.
Despite its small size and rather simple appearance, this is the weapon with the most gimmicks installed among all in Jill's arsenal. ^^

Closeups on the weapon.

The shoulder stock, which is made of metal I should add, can unfold and swing rearward.
Due to its material, the shape is very firm despite being just a very thin pair of twisted wires. ^^

The entire top cover can be opened up. Very cool design. ^^

The cocking handle knob can slide frontward and backward, and it's not not just the knob that moves, there's part inside the slot that follows the former to reveal or close that opening.

Sliding the knob also reveals/closes the port where the shell cases from the magazine would be ejected.

The feature I like the most is how the topmost clip of the magazine is visible when the top cover is opened up.
The design details and sense of realism is absolutely fantastic.

Like all the other magazines, the one for Škorpion vz. 61 can also be removed.
As mentioned back in Part 2, there's no extra magazine included for this weapon.

Two soap bars ammo boxes included. ^^
"Red Hawk" is for the handgun - 30 rounds, "Jackal" is for the sub machine gun - 50 rounds, as printed on the box top.
The fact that you can read all that from such a small and maybe insignificant accessories to some is very cool. ^^

"Red Hawk" even has bar-codes printed on its box sides ^^

The aid spray can, which can be used by the character in the first video in Part 1.

Has weathering effect for the paint work on its body too. ^^

If you look at it closely, you can even find the spray nozzle. ^^

Mind continues to get blown as the accessories and weapons get introduced I think, which started all the way back in Part 2 to be exact. ^^ It's not just the amount of items included that is staggering, the amount of details that you can find on each and everyone of them is just unbelievable. ^^

And all the gimmicks weren't openly promoted too. The features of removing the magazines from the weapon, workable belt buckles on some of the nylon webbing straps, printed details on the ammo packs, grenades and others weren't mentioned or shown in the instruction sheet at all. There are surprises everywhere, which is the really fun bit about this figure. ^^

Some action poses of this Hot Toys action figure to start with the next posting.

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