Saturday, December 3, 2011

MG Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0 Part 14

Gelgoog Kick!

Action poses from the just completed inner frame of MG Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0. ^^

With the old-fashioned beam rifle. ^^

With Gelgoog's unique beam naginata.

As with most other MGs, a special part is included to mount the model onto Action Base 1. It's a clip-type that can be locked onto the hip.
Also, since it's a Char's customized MS, it has to use the bright red Char's version for Action Base 1 as well. ^^

As shown when it was assembled in Part 11, the twin beam saber is somewhat too long to be posed, so I'll just configure it as the more "normal" single-edged beam saber. ^^;

Gelgoog Kick! ^^
The leg frame's strength and the sole's huge size are sufficient to support the pose. ^^

Flexing the abdomen and waist to show off this pose. ^^

Twin beam saber? Just forget trying to get the whole thing into the frame. XD

All 15 red and gold thrusters behind the kit to look at in this flight pose. ^^

Using the crane from MG Char's Zaku II Ver. 2.0 to show Lalah alongside Char in the cockpit.

As mentioned in the previous posting, the knee articulation is indeed very limited. ^^; No kneeling pose is possible, not even with its inner frame only. ^^; Then again, it's indeed very stable. It's able to hold its ground poses without any risk of tilting over or falling to its sides.

Done with the review on its inner frame, it's time to move on to adding in the armor parts, to start in the next posting. ^^

All the inner frame components are taken apart before the upcoming work. ^^

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