Friday, December 9, 2011

Hot Toys 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver. Part 2

Overly exposed neck joint

After all the figure's plastic wrappers mentioned in the introduction are removed, this is how a "plain" Hot Toys 1/6 Jill Valentine BSAA Ver. would look like. ^^

Closeups on the figure:

The details are very crazy, aren't they? ^^

Before obtaining this figure, I've always read about Hot Toys' awesome designs in other people's reviews. Now that I'm looking at one myself, I'm still amazed at the level of craftsmanship on this figure for all the details to work. ^^ For example, the shirt and pants are made of real fabric, with excessive but absolutely realistic sewing lines all over them. They are unnecessary, but they are there. ^^ I think it's accurate to say the design is based on actual clothes and how they are made in our real world, despite the fact that the character and the world she came from are fictitious. ^^

As a result of such details, the character seems to have come to life through this figure. ^^ In terms of character realization, many other merchandises didn't work out so well, either because the scale is too small for all the details to be included, or simply because there's just too much from the character design that cannot be realized onto a figure. There are some flaws on this figure (which I'll get to in a while), but overall, it's a beautiful figure with tremendous details. ^^

The sewing lines aren't the only thing that impress me about Hot Toys' Jill Valentine, obviously, but I think this will turn into a really long-winded posting involving description of various apparel, footwear and other accessories I probably never bothered to learn about their names before if I just keep on going, ^^; so I'll just leave that task to the many images above, which you can see for yourself. ^^

However, it's quite a shame that the parting line between the head and neck seems so blatantly exposed. ^^; It's already there on the figure's official images, so it's definitely not a manufacturing fault, and it's really a common feature on most 1/6 scale action figure. Then again, since everything else seems so well done (even through close scrutiny), this obvious "visual" flaw seems to get magnified too, unfortunately. ^^;

Articulation feature for Jill is just a little better than nothing really. ^^; That comes as an obvious result from the restrictions imposed on all the body joints by her clothes. ^^; In my opinion, articulation is a nice bonus to have with this figure, since the real goodies that I like about the figure is all the details, very much like what I discussed in my thoughts about Hot Toys's Samurai Predator.

More details on the articulation will be discussed once the figure is fully equipped with her accessories and weapons. ^^

A look at the various accessories that can be equipped onto Jill Valentine:

Jill's cap.
Crazy sewing lines again. ^^

Radio with headset.
Tiny as it is, the microphone is painted with a glossier shade of black than the body.

A pouch is included to store the radio.

Shoulder holsters.

While the main body is made of plastic, there are nylon webbing straps on it that add to the details. All those tiny plastic buckles that are painted in silver are movable.

Magazine pouches on both side of the holsters that are meant for storing the hand gun's extra magazines.

Waist pack.
The pair of clips and buckles on the nylon webbing straps are workable. ^^

To maintain the pack's size, it's loaded with white sponge. As a result, the pack appears to be always full, with something XD

Holster, with a designated slot for the torchlight.

Magazine pouch that can hold up to three spare magazines for the machine gun.

Another magazine pouch and one to hold the aid spray can.

The aid spray pouch.
When the strap gets loose from the buckle, it's mighty cumbersome to get it back in place, thanks to the extremely small size. ^^

Just like the waist pack, it's a sponge inside the pouch.

Another pair of magazine pouches for the handgun I think, since its size looks to be the same as the one hanging from the shoulder holsters.

Sponge inside the pouch again, but it's a black one this time. ^^

More magazine pouches - these two are for the smaller Škorpion vz. 61 sub machine gun I think, even though there's no extra magazine included for that weapon ^^;
Or it could be just general-purpose pouches that hold a few snack bars for Jill XD

One optional right hand unit to hold the knife, grenade and other accessories.

Will start to equip Jill with all the accessories in the next posting.

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