Friday, May 24, 2013

BB Senshi Zeta Gundam & Nu Gundam Set Part 2

Suddenly, the realization

Starting a bit of paint work and detailing on selected parts from BB Senshi Zeta Gundam and Nu Gundam Set after the introduction yesterday. ^^

Focusing on parts which require white and yellow paint work first, since they are the two colors missed by most of the parts on both Zeta Gundam and Nu Gundam.

The two large Fin Funnel parts are missing yellow on the fixed connector areas.

(Left) Not just yellow, there's not a single shade of black on the parts as well. ^^; For being an absolute color, black will be painted last.
(Right) The very tiny triangular "cuts" between the Fin Funnel pieces are not molded on the actual parts. I'll have to draw the lines myself if I want to get the vaguely recognizable outcome shown in the instruction manual. ^^;

The unmovable claws and thrusters on the soles need to be painted yellow. 
Painting the exterior of the thrusters gray is going to be quite a challenge later on given their position inside a really narrow "valley" between the front part of the feet and the heels.

Painting the interior of the shoulder armor thrusters yellow shouldn't be a big problem.

Painting all the thrusters on the skirt armor parts should be manageable as well.
Large panels on the rear skirt armor part will need red paint to realize their designated color, but I'll keep that color on hold for the moment.

Yellow, white, gray and black are all missing on the two backpack parts of Nu Gundam. ^^;

Yellow and white paint work required for the fixed left forearm part of Nu Gundam.

Molded in black, Nu Gundam's beam rifle lacks white paint (severely); molded in white, the bazooka lacks black paint. ^^;
The color formula is really messed up for these guys. XD

Comparing between the components, the lack of white, red, gray and yellow on Zeta Gundam's arm parts, as well as the trouble of figuring out the painting sequence make the expected work for the shoulder armors feel like a bliss, even though the shoulder armor parts feature the challenge of painting light color (yellow) on really small parts with dark molded color (blue). ^^;

Tons of colors missing on the leg parts as well, but the work should be a bit easier given they are molded in white.

White and red paints missing on the tail stabilizer parts.

Yellow paint required for the rear skirt armor part, while the two special waist parts needs to be painted white.

(Left) Really tiny bars of vents to be taken care of on the rear skirt armor.
(Right) How much white paint is required by the two waist parts? I'll follow the area covered by the foil sticker as shown in the manual then.

Panel lines applied to all the targeted parts before beginning the paint work.

Some of the lines applied to the Fin Funnel parts are not necessary I think, since they are going to be covered up by the yellow paint later. ^^;

One of the aforementioned "cuts" between the Fin Funnel pieces. ^^

Used White Surfacer from Mr. Hobby as the white paint for some of the selected parts.

The yellow paint applied to these parts is from Gundam Marker Yellow.

Sharpened toothpick is used as the paint brush for the tight spots on some of the parts.

Applied another layer of White Surfacer to cover up the parts' molded color.

Another layer of Gundam Marker Yellow paint is applied to some of the selected parts as well.

Perhaps it's the long period of not working on a BB Senshi kit, which caused me to forget the requirement for so much paint work on sometimes very small parts (^^;), the work thus far seems quite overwhelming to me already, and this is just the beginning of everything. ^^; Apart from the usual trouble of painting light color on parts molded in dark color, the uncertainty of which color to be applied first on which section of the parts, and whether I had identified all the parts requiring that particular paint to begin with to ensure a more efficient application of the paints were problems I faced during this round of work. I realize now I actually spent more time thinking about what to do than actually applying the paint work. ^^;

There's still a very long way ahead for the work on this Gunpla set. ^^;

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