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Star Wars Lost Wave Figure EP505 Princess Leia Bespin Outfit Part 1

3.75 inches of nostalgia

Another review of an action figure from Hasbro after "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime. ^^

This is Princess Leia (Bespin Outfit) from Hasbro's Star Wars Lost Wave Figure line. While "Kenner" is clearly shown on the package card, the company is no longer around, since the beginning of the 90s actually, after it was acquired by Hasbro. The company name and overall very old-school feel of the packaging design is to invoked nostalgia I believe. So, in actuality, this is a "newer" release by Hasbro - this figure came out in July last year, but with deliberate design gimmick to make it feel like a reissue of a very old release. ^^ That sounds just about right when it comes to releases by Hasbro I think. XD There are plenty of recolored Transformers figure in the market that are testaments to that marketing approach.

Instead of calling it a reissue, I think "repack as a release of a different series" would be more accurate to describe the relationship between this Lost Wave figure and VC111 from the Vintage Collection series, since the two versions of Princess Leia are exactly the same. As mentioned in late January when I got this figure, the Vintage Collection version was on the shelf together with this Lost Wave figure. I had a bit of confusion back then trying to figure out their differences before finding out much later that there was none. ^^; I went with this Lost Wave version only for the nice card illustration of Luke and Leia. ^^

I think the merchandises for "Star Wars" are just as mindbogglingly plenty as "Transformers". ^^ One can really create a museum dedicated to all the products from the much beloved sci-fi franchise, ^^ and I think just the action figures alone are enough for a huge section of that collection. From personal experience, there has never been a cease in "Star Wars"-related merchandises in the market. In the past, I usually just dodged the section entirely since I only like "Star Wars" for its movies, Episodes IV, V and VI to be exact. On the other hand, my interest back then for human action figures, non-transformable mecha figures and non-Gunpla products was very minimal as well. ^^; Having greater appreciation for vintage items now, I didn't settle with just window-shopping when I spotted a whole collection of these 3.75-inch action figures back in January. Apart from the vintage look of the package card, the special fabric material used for the cape and nice details of the figure itself seem quite appealing to me. Along with Star Wars Attack of The Clones VC51 Barriss Offee (Jedi Padawan), Princess Leia is my first Star Wars collectible. ^^

The nice package card illustration mentioned earlier on.

The illustration doesn't depict the accurate look of Luke and Leia from the movies though. ^^;

(Left) Image of Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia from "The Empire Strikes Back".
(Right) An image of the Millennium Falcon on the right hand side of the package card.

The figure is enclosed in a compact blister pack. ^^

Image of the action figure and introduction of the product series behind the package card.

Preview of other figures from the Lost Wave line.
EP404 Sandtrooper looks really cool. ^^

The package is carefully cut from its side in order for the content to be removed.

Instead of discarding them, the small tray and its cover are great to be retained as the figure's container. ^^

The complete package card with the remaining edges of the cut plastic cover removed.

A straight-out-of-box display of Star Wars Lost Wave Figure EP505 Princess Leia (Bespin Outfit).

The blaster is the only accessory included with this figure.

Small as it is, the sculpt details can be seen very clearly on this one-piece part.

The figure can hold the blaster with either hand.

More images of the figure:

Closeups on the details:





The silk-like fabric material used for the cape, and a more normal-looking fabric for the skirt are the highlights of this figure to me. ^^ Since I don't have many figures that feature fabric material, seeing how it's been used to such nice effect on this figure is quite a refreshing experience. ^^ The nice color and pattern of the cape are already very appealing to me, the beautiful printed details certainly add even more positive points to its overall look. ^^ Apart from the look, the cape adds a greater sense of realism to the figure as well. I could only imagine how dodgy it would look if the cape was made of a one-piece soft plastic part instead, especially for such a small figure. ^^; With a large solid cape on her back and a fixed skirt, the figure's articulation would take a huge hit no doubt. ^^;

Other than the cape and skirt, this is a pretty normal small-sized action figure I think. The lack of painted details or remarkable display features is not an issue to me, since that's how the character's costume was shown in the movie. It's "movie-accurately plain" in that sense. The only special detail point to highlight is the wrinkles of her blouse at the abdomen area. The wrinkles are caused by her belt I suppose, but they are realistically presented on the figure. ^^

Then again, on the subject of movie accuracy, the face sculpt doesn't resemble Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia in any way I feel, even though all the facial details do look well painted enough. It's "movie-inaccurately detailed" in that sense. XD I do like the very fair skin color on the figure. The color tone is to be expected for an action figure based off a female movie character, but I'm really pleased with outcome nonetheless. ^^

A look at this figure's articulation design and some action poses in the upcoming posting. ^^

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