Saturday, May 25, 2013

BB Senshi Zeta Gundam & Nu Gundam Set Part 3

Colorful trouble

The second round of painting and detailing for BB Senshi Zeta Gundam and Nu Gundam Set after the previous posting, with gray and red being the two colors of focus this time. ^^

Gray needed for Nu Gundam's ankles, elbow caps and fists.
As they are too narrow to be drawn using normal panel liner, the line details of the elbow caps are done using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black).

Zeta Gundam's cockpit joint area.

(Left) The rear face of Nu Gundam's two shields are going to be painted gray.
(Right) A section deep inside the interior of High-Mega Shield are supposedly red in color, denoting its missiles perhaps.

The magazine of Zeta Gundam's rifle, thrusters behind the legs and Nu Gundam's backpack thrusters need to be painted gray.

Parts identified to be painted red will go first in this round of work.

Painted the parts red using Gaia Color No. 003 Bright Red Gloss.

Closeups on some of the painted parts.

The paint work of Zeta Gundam's heels turns out to be very well. ^^
Edges behind the parts and some section of their interior are painted as well to make sure no white bit is exposed in either mode.

The elbow caps of Zeta Gundam are painted with extreme care to not ruin the white paint work applied to the upper arms yesterday. ^^

Selected parts to be painted gray. ^^

Some of the selected parts include Zeta Gundam's hand units, ...

...the aforementioned calf thrusters and magazine of the beam rifle, ...

... and thrusters on Nu Gundam's soles as mentioned yesterday.

Painted the parts gray using Tamiya Color Acrylic Paint Mini XF-53 Neutral Grey.

Closeups on some of the painted parts.

(Left) Refinement for Nu Gundam's backpack part begins with the removal of excessive white paint from the work in the previous posting.
(Right) The paint on top of the part can be scratched off easily using a knife; spilled paint between the bazooka rack has to be cleaned using a sharpened toothpick because of the narrow position. ^^;

The interior of the thruster nozzles is painted black using normal panel liner. The interior of the thruster compartments is painted by "flooding" the area using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black). ^^

Simple panel lines applied to the entire part to finish up on the entire work. ^^
There are a couple more parts that form the entire backpack, which require equally extensive work to detail. Suffice to say, this part is really just the beginning to even more work. ^^;

Paint work applied to the two feet parts of Nu Gundam. You can see in the right image that there's some gray paint from the work earlier on that was spilled onto the yellow interior of the thrusters. Cleaning that is not going to be easy. ^^;

Initially, I was trying to clean the interior of the front claw using a toothpick. ^^; When that proved to be painfully troublesome, I decided to just "hide" the spilled yellow paint on the walls around the claws by painting them black with a panel liner. ^^
Nobody could be bothered with the paint difference I guess, since the feet parts themselves are molded in black anyway. ^^

Using the same "hide-the-evidence" technique (XD) from the front claws' refinement shown above, excessive paint inside the sole thrusters are treated by simply overlaying it with another layer of yellow paint.

Panel lines applied when the paint has dried.

Three parts on the scoreboard for today's progress. XD

I'll try to finish up on the two large Fin Funnel parts' detailing work in the next posting. ^^

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