Monday, May 6, 2013

Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam Part 3

Of course it has to be double-bazooka

Going back to the review of Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam after a visit to the Sunday Movie Theater, with more images of the action figure. ^^

Closeups on the details:




[Beam rifle]


[Hyper Bazookas]


Mentioned in Part 2 that its double-bazooka pose is what I like about G-3 Gundam, so for the "official display pose" of this Extended MSIA figure, posing it with the two Hyper Bazookas while sidelining the rifle and shield was in my mind the moment I got it ages ago. ^^ This is exactly why two bazookas are included instead of just one I believe. ^^

While I still prefer the color scheme to be darker, especially gray, I think the entire figure has a very cohesive color scheme that I like very much. ^^ The combination of light gray for the armors, gray for the joints, light blue for the feet and abdomen, and mecha gray for the weapons works very well on this figure. ^^ For many, it may not be a particularly outstanding or remarkable figure to look at in terms of its colors, but it has a very subtle beauty to it.

The level of details is average I would say, but that's not to knock on the quality. The simplicity in details is to be expected since the figure's overall design seems to be based off the original mecha design. There are elaborate details for components like the leg armors, but they don't seem outstanding from afar. On the other hand, the details molded on the soles are amazing. ^^ It almost feels as if the soles are emphasized since there is no other part on the figure to implement all the details. ^^ It's also great to see that the thrusters on the soles are painted silver, with black paint for its interior. This is consistent with the backpack thrusters, but the nice work paint on the fixed feet parts is a show of attention to details in my opinion. ^^ I'm all about details, especially details for the hydraulic pipes, pistons and thrusters on a figure. On this aspect alone, this Extended MSIA figure has certainly exhibited its beauty. ^^

In conclusion, I think it's fair to say that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam's details (even though it's not a Transformers figure). XD

Moving on to the articulation design of this Gundam figure next. ^^

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