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Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime Part 1

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A new Transformers review series after "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Megatron late last month, and this time it'll be on a figure that is much smaller in size from another series. ^^

This is Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime from "Transformers: Prime" animated TV series. It's technically from the same merchandise series as Cyberverse Legion Class Arcee reviewed last year, but as their product names imply, there are some differences between the two. Commander Class figures are bigger and slightly more expensive than Legion Class releases. For Optimus Prime, I think it's just natural for him to be included in the Commander Class line. ^^ The merchandise series's name fits him perfectly, and size does matter for him as the Autobot leader. ^^ It's definitely a no brainer that Megatron was also given a Commander Class release as well when the merchandising craze for "Transformers: Prime" began to go into full swing a few years back. Apart from setting up the rivalry with Optimus Prime at this merchandise level (the main reason I got the two together last February ^^), size does matter for Megatron as the Decepticon leader as well.

Larger than Legion Class releases they are, but in actuality, they are still quite small. ^^; As Cyberverse figures, both Commander Class Optimus Prime and Megatron are small enough to fit inside one of your luggage pocket when you go travelling, ^^ for whatever reason you want to bring along Transformers figures in your trip. XD

As Commander Class figures, Optimus Prime and Megatron have slightly more steps in their transformation design as compared to the Legion Class line. This of course can be linked to their relatively larger size as well. Then again, neither size nor more complicated transformation design is able to give the two a balanced good look in robot and vehicle mode. For me, Optimus Prime's vehicle mode looks better than his robot mode, but that's the opposite for Megatron. You might be thinking that they would probably spot better articulation gimmick as Commander Class releases (as compared to the Legion Class again), and while that's true for Optimus Prime, Megatron would be a good example to refute that claim. ^^;

I recently acquired the Beast Hunter version of Optimus Prime from this Commander Class line, and despite the fairly long gap between the two in terms of their release dates, some of the points about the figures' look in robot and vehicle modes, transformation design and articulation are still "consistent" between the two points. I suppose there are various factors that limit the design for the entire Cyberverse series to feature some major flaws for each figure on top of its limited shining points. I've not discover a release from the series that break that "tradition". ^^;

While you need five separately sold Beast Hunters Predacon figures to complete its combined mode, Abominus certainly looks interesting. Its ability to combine is a reason good enough for me to ignore the flaws of some of its individual Predacon figures to want to get it someday. ^^ Hopefully it will be available in the market soon.

Then again, one thing at a time, back to Commander Class Optimus Prime from the first series: ^^

Front view of the blister pack.

The figure can be seen very easily and clearly through the clear shell.

A rough comparison with Legion Class Arcee in vehicle mode.

(Left) CG image of the vehicle mode is shown. The long nose and relatively smaller windshield are not consistent with the actual design of this figure actually. ^^;
(Right) "Cyberverse Command Your World Optimus Prime Autobot Commander".

Image of the Autobot team on the left hand side of the card.

Top and bottom faces of the blister pack.

Information about Optimus Prime on the package's right hand side.

Introduction of the character as well as images of the figure in robot and vehicle modes on the back of the package.

The package is carefully cut from its side in order for the content to be removed.

Front view of the content.

Rear view of the content.

The complete backdrop with the remaining edges of the cut plastic cover removed.

The cardboard label for the top, side and bottom faces of the plastic container.

The neatly folded instruction sheet on Optimus Prime's transformation.

The unfolded instruction sheet shows how to transform Optimus Prime from robot to vehicle mode, ...

... and back again. ^^

Some additional steps on configuring the blasters for the vehicle mode.

A straight-out-of-box display of Commander Class Optimus Prime.

Unlike "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Megatron reviewed last month, I find transforming Optimus Prime from robot to vehicle mode to be more interesting than the other way round. ^^ Seeing how his limbs and body are folded and collapsed into the truck cab in a very simplistic but effective sequence to form the semi-truck is quite interesting.

More images of the figure in robot mode coming up next. ^^

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