Saturday, May 18, 2013

Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime Part 4

Too many weapon configuration options

Transformed "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime back into robot mode after the previous posting to examine its articulation design. ^^

Side-to-side swivel for the head.

Thanks to its transformation design, the upper body can be bent to the back for very wide range, but the split between the chest and abdomen is very unnatural-looking. ^^;

The upper body's backward tilt is powered by a  ball-type joint.

Using that ball-type abdominal joint, the upper body has side-to-side swivel as well. The protruding "bar" above the abdomen is an unpleasant "bonus part" that compliments this articulation point. ^^;

Ball-type joints of the shoulder armor connectors allow the shoulder pad to be angled in a variety of positions.

The actual shoulders of the figure have their own movable joints. While they do affect the shoulder pads, the latter can be readjusted via their separated connecting arms.

Using the large ball joint that connects the shoulder to the body, the arm can be rotated forward/backward.

All 360-degree swivel for the shoulders is possible. ^^

The elbow can be bent for 90 degrees.

The elbow joint is of ball-type. Hopefully the ability of the forearm to swivel around the elbow joint is enough to compensate for the lack of any wrist articulation point on this figure. ^^;

Ball-type joint for the hips spotted.

While they don't look too special, the hips are flexible enough to allow Optimus Prime to perform poses of sideways and forward splits very easily. ^^ The lack of any waist armor is a great supporting factor for the figure in achieving those two poses. ^^

There's enough clearance for the leg to be bent to the back without being obstructed by the large backpack.

90-degree knee bend.

As shown in Part 2, you can adjust an inverted knee bend for Optimus Prime, for up till 90 degrees as well. ^^
The transformation design of this figure should be credited for the flexible forward and backward knee bends.

Thanks to the transformation design again, the feet can be bent upward for up to 90 degrees.

Much like the vehicle mode shown in the previous posting, there are various ways to mount the two blasters onto the figure: ^^

Not clearly visible when viewed at a distance, but there are slots on the back that can accept the handle or top peg of the blasters.

There's a third peg slot between the two shown above that can be used to hold the blaster as well.

(Left) Using the peg on its stock, the blaster can be turned into a club-like handheld weapon. ^^
(Right) Using the blaster's forearm as a peg, it can be held as a tonfa-like weapon. ^^

The two peg slots on the shoulder pads (truck roof in vehicle mode) can still be used to mount the blasters.

I suppose the inclusion of all the pegs and slots on the figure and its weapon is to encourage folks to get more Cyberverse figure to make use of the flexible weapon configuration options. If all the peg slots are used to hold weapons from other figures in the line, you can get a heavily armed Optimus Prime, not to mention all the pegs on the blasters themselves that can be used to combine with other weapons to form something that's bigger and more powerful-looking. ^^

Some action poses featuring this Transformers figure:

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

More action poses coming up in the next posting, which will be the last one in this review series. ^^

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