Saturday, May 4, 2013

Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam Part 2

The one that did it right

Showcasing Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam's accessories and option parts after the introduction yesterday. ^^

Accessories and option parts of Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam.

All of the Gundam's designated weapons are included, i.e. no special surprise or bonus to be expected. Then again, as compared to the other three merchandise variations of G-3 Gundam (Master Grade kits of different versions), there's one particular point that this Extended MSIA action figure did right. It's definitely something I'm very pleased about as a fan of this Gundam. ^^

Two Hyper Bazookas included. ^^

I like the image of G-3 Gundam wielding two bazookas instead of using its standard beam rifle and shield. With these two bazookas, that image can most certainly be realized now.

Very simple details on the whole weapon.

The "hanger" on top the rocket rack is movable.

The handle area and bazooka barrel can be rotated independently of one another.

The handle and barrel are made of soft rubber (as with most of the components in this action figure set) and can be bent very easily.

The standard beam rifle.

Level of details is on par with that of the Hyper Bazookas.

The targeting scope and supporting handle can be moved.

The bazooka is about 10.5cm in length and about 6.5cm for the rifle.

Two standard beam sabers.

The beam parts can actually be detached from the handles.

Gundam Javelin.
From the color tone, you can detect that the pole is made of different material as compared to the beam saber handle. I think ABS hard plastic is used for the pole to preserve its strength and durability.

The handle has the exact same details as that of the beam sabers.

The spikes are too blunt to look menacing. ^^;
The entire beam part is made of soft plastic.

Length comparison between the beam sabers and javelin. The latter is evidently just about 1cm longer than the beam sabers.

The standard shield.
The huge "G-3" decal is the highlight of this option part. ^^

Elaborate molded details behind the shield.

Closeups on the shield's details.

See-through design for the straight view window.

(Left) The handle which is connected to the shield via a ball-type joint, can be detached.
(Right) The handle can be pegged into a port (which is identical to the default slot) located on the top half of the shield.

The peg to mount the shield onto the figure's back can swivel on its port via a ball-type joint.

A slot right in the middle of the backpack is used to mount the shield.

The shield also has mount racks for the beam sabers.
When the beam parts are removed, the beam saber handles can be stored behind the shield.

Two types of weapon clip included. The one on the left is for the bazooka, the part on the right is for the beam rifle.

A small square slot on the bazooka's body is used to connect the weapon to its mount rack.

No special panel whatsoever to open/configure, the bazooka with the mount rack is just clipped onto the back of the waist.

The beam rifle's clip has slots that match the barrel and forestock.

While the clip can hold the rifle to the left or right side of the figure, I think I'll stick with the right side since it's a more common position for the weapon. More importantly, the shield is going to collide with the rifle's body for sure when it's connected to the left hand later on. ^^;

Seven option hand units included.

The trigger-type pair for holding the weapons.

Connected the hand units to the beam rifle and bazooka.

The open fist-type pair for holding the beam sabers, javelin and shield.

Connected the hand units to the beam saber and shield.

A pair of very expressive spread palms.

One open-type left palm for supporting the weapon poses.

The default closed fists

Very simple ball-type joint connecting the hand unit to the wrist.

More images of Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam to be shown in Part 3. ^^

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