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Transformers Prime Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime Part 3

Split up, fold in

A look at "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime's transformation design and more images of its vehicle mode after the previous posting. ^^

The blasters must be removed first.

The head is rotated backward. The shoulder pads are rotated around until the the curved "slope" side is facing forward.

The combination of ball-type joint and hinge that enables the shoulder pad transformation shown above.

180-degree downward bend for the head, which retracts it into the back of the truck.

Using the shoulders' dedicated hinge joints, the shoulder pads are rotated upward until each side occupies exactly half of the truck top.

There are tabs between them that locks the shoulder pads together, forming the roof.

The smoke stakes are bent outward.

Using the joints at knee level, each leg is split into front and rear components.

90-degree upward bend for the feet.

The forward and backward halves of the legs are locked together using the tabs between the parts to form the hood and tail respectively.

Progress of the entire transformation so far. ^^

Using the abdomen joint, the waist is bent back and retracted into the truck cab. At the same time, the thighs are bent downward at hip level for 90 degrees.

The hood is adjusted upward and connected to the windshield frame.

90-degree upward bend for the tail component of the truck.

Due to the their unique split design, the legs actually span from the nose tip until the tail edge of the truck. ^^

The last step in the entire transformation sequence: the arms are hinged downward until they completely fill in the gap on the sides of the truck cab.

Small as they are, there are actually tabs to lock the connection of the forearm to the cab to hold everything in place.

All done for Optimus Prime's vehicle mode.

More images of the vehicle mode:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

As mentioned in the previous posting, much of the robot mode's look has been compromised for its vehicle mode. As a result of that, the latter looks so much better I think. ^^ Many of the steps in its transformation sequence reflect that "imbalance" design emphasis as well. Most of the vehicle mode parts are already present on the robot mode, especially the chest and arms, so certain steps are just about hiding away the robot mode components. ^^ A significant size reduction after the transformation can be observed as well, as all the robot mode components are collapsed or retracted into the truck. ^^ Since the truck tail is formed from just half of the legs, I think it's fair to say that 90 percent of Optimus Prime's body is concentrated in the front section of the truck. ^^

As mentioned before, I think the truck has the better look as compared to Optimus Prime's robot mode. The only robot mode related components that cannot be "hidden" are the shoulder joint on the side of the truck and arguably the back. For the latter, since there are very little change (with exceptions being the folded smoke stakes and head) to the whole clear teal part, I think it's more like a shared component between the two modes. ^^

One feature I find interesting about this Commander Class Optimus Prime's truck mode is its proportion. At first glance, it's very accurate to the Autobot boss's design from the TV series, but it actually spots a different proportion design: the windshield is larger and the nose is shorter. This is especially obvious when it's compared to his "First Edition" Voyager Class self. Such design is most probably due to consideration for its robot mode appearance I suppose. The windshield is proportionately larger since it's going to become Optimus Prime's chest without any transformation step; the nose is shorter since it's formed from half of the legs. The tail would have to be longer to match the nose, and that would definitely distort the overall proportion. The arms would have to be longer as well to match the elongated nose since they give the truck its front wheels. ^^; As a result, the truck mode has a somewhat "fat" look to it that is appealing to me in such a small size. ^^ It looks really awesome as a small display item on my desk (just like Legion Class Arcee from the same product line ^^). ^^ This vehicle mode is definitely my choice of display for Optimus Prime. ^^

A look at the two blasters:

Single-part weapons molded in clear teal.
Unlike Legion Class Arcee's twin cannon, Optimus Prime's blasters are made of hard plastic just like that used for his body parts.

Using their handles, the blasters can be mounted on on the truck's rooftop.

This is just one of the few weapon configuration options for the vehicle mode.

The weapons can be mounted onto the truck using their top pegs as well.

(Left) Their are slots on either side of the nose to hold the blasters.
(Right) Just like the rooftop configuration, either pegs can be used. ^^

The truck mode with blasters mounted to the side of its nose.

The blasters look good as weapons for the robot mode, but not so much when mounted on either the rooftop or beside the body. ^^;

Comparison with other "Transformers: Prime" figures reviewed in the past:

With Legion Class Arcee.

Even though Optimus Prime is bulkier than Legion Class Arcee, the scale is still terribly wrong for the two. XD

With his "First Edition" Voyager Class self.

The point about proportion design mentioned earlier on is clearly shown through the comparison of the two truck modes. ^^

The silver paint work on the grilles for the Commander Class version looks much better than merely light gray plastic parts on the "First Edition" Voyager Class equivalence. ^^ Also, I find the lack of gap between the truck's bottom and the surface it's on much better-looking than the Voyager Class's "spacious" design in that aspect. It certainly gives the truck a heavy look that can be translated into a sense of authority which fits Optimus Prime's image very nicely. ^^

Some additional features:

The fifth wheel coupling can be used to mount the "First Edition" Voyager Class version's blaster, very firmly too. ^^

The cardboard display platform is too big to compliment this Commander Class figure. ^^;

Going back to the robot mode next to look at Optimus Prime's articulation design. ^^

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