Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam Part 4

Repeated benefits

A look at Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam's articulation design in this posting. ^^

No problem in tilting the head backward and forward.

Simple ball-type joint connects the head to the neck.
Adequate space between the neck joint and the collar that helps to prevent any collision between the figure's chin and the collar should be credited for the neck's flexible articulation range as well.

With the joint itself and the aforementioned space around it, the head can be adjusted a lot more freely as compared to other Gundam action figures. ^^

Just average forward/backward and side-to-side bends for the waist.

Ball-type joint inside the waist allows the upper body to be flexed to the left and right.

The cockpit hatch can be opened. There's no sign of the Core Block inside the abdomen though. ^^;

Surprisingly, there's some minor molded details behind the cockpit hatch. ^^

The beam saber mount racks can be bent back and forth.

The beam sabers on the backpack are actually removable.

The beam sabers from the backpack are exactly the same as the two introduced in Part 2. The beam parts are exchangeable between them as well. ^^

Limited articulation range for the thrusters despite the ball-type joints that connect them to the backpack.

A look at the ball-type joints of the thrusters.

The shoulder joints' design is a highlight of this action figure. The joints can be extended outward to expand the shoulder articulation.

Very wide forward and backward bending range for the arms is the immediate benefit of the shoulder joints' extension gimmick.

With the hinge component of the shoulder joints, the arms can be lifted from the side very easily and for a very wide range.

A look at the shoulder joint's design from the side. The shoulder hinge, shoulder armor swivel and upper arm's ball-type joint can be seen.

The shoulder armor itself has a separated hinge joint that allows the former to be lifted.

The arms can actually be lifted from the side without deploying the shoulder hinge. ^^
Duplicated benefit for the arms? It's very much welcomed for me. ^^

Backward and forward swings for the arms.

Almost 180-degree elbow bend. ^^

An articulation point that seems to be completely copied from the very first Master Grade Gundam RX-78-2: an obvious split on the upper arm that gives it a swiveling point. ^^

Another duplicated benefit for the arm it seems: even without using the swiveling point, the arm can be bent to the side using the upper arm's ball-type joint. ^^

As shown in Part 2, the ball-type wrist joint allows the hand unit to be posed flexibly.

All segments of the skirt armor are fixed to the waist. They can still be bent thanks to their soft plastic attribute though.

A look at the ball-type hip joints.

Sufficient room between the hip joints and the skirt armors allows the figure to perform the forward and sideways splits with great ease. ^^
The lack of movable parts for the skirt armor is a non-issue for the two poses. ^^

A pleasant surprise: separated thigh swivel is implemented on this figure. ^^

180 degrees of knee bend.

Very simple but effective double hinge design for the knee joint.

Ball-type joints for the ankles.

(Left) Backward bend for the feet is limited (even though it's actually much better than most action figures).
(Right) Excessively flexible 90-degree forward bend for the feet. ^^

The ball-type joint that connects the ankle to the front portion of the feet allows the latter to be adjusted to a wide range of crazy poses. ^^

Kneeling is predictably easy with all the flexible leg joints mentioned earlier on. ^^

More crazy poses that are possible with this Gundam action figure using all the joints introduced above, with emphasis on the leg joints' flexibility and their strength in retaining the adjusted poses. ^^

Everything is just too easy for Extended MSIA G-3 Gundam I would say. ^^ Apart from the joints, the large feet should be credited for their support for the figure's one-legged poses shown above. ^^

More "normal" action poses from G-3 Gundam: XD

I really love the double-bazooka pose. ^^ Oh I said that already. ^^
With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Even more action poses from this Gundam action figure coming up in the next posting. ^^

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