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BB Senshi Zeta Gundam & Nu Gundam Set Part 6

The most confusing Gunpla parts in my encounters

Continuing the work on BB Senshi Zeta Gundam and Nu Gundam Set after the previous posting. ^^

Zeta Gundam's arm parts went through three rounds of paint work - Part 2 (white), Part 3 (red) and Part 4 (gray). ^^

Scratching off excessive white paint around the elbow area using a toothpick was immensely troublesome and time-consuming. ^^;

Tiny boxes right in front of the forearm parts are painted yellow the same way as those on the beam rifle shown the previous posting. ^^
Those boxes should be close to the rifle's trapezium-shaped details in design, but their actual outcome is greatly "deformed" due to the arm parts' small size no doubt. ^^

Panel lines applied to all the parts.

Cleaned off excessive yellow paint from Zeta Gundam's shoulder armor parts.

Much like the idea behind the paint work of the heels in Part 3, excessive paint behind the shoulder armor parts are not scratched off to ensure no blue bit is exposed when the parts are assembled.

The interior of the vent nozzles is realized through paint work using normal panel liner.

Shown with the arm parts done earlier on.

Panel lines applied to the feet parts after some excessive white paint near the edges is removed.

Panel lined the leg parts as well.

The line details inside the leg vents are drawn, but the same details inside the calf thrusters aren't. For being very small and situated in a very tight spot, I'll be glad to leave the details without any panel line applied rather than risking ruining the yellow paint. ^^;

Shown with the feet parts done earlier on.

Was cleaning excessive white paint off these two waist parts while wondering what their exact purpose is on the actual model kit. ^^;
A check on the instruction manual reveals that the foil stickers given (just two bars to wrap around the waist pieces' sides) are not useful indicators to show how the parts should be painted at all. ^^;
Quite a bit of paint work and subsequent refinement wasted on these two parts unfortunately. ^^

According to the manual, the top section of the waist pieces should be painted gray, but since I already panel lined the details, and separating paints between areas that have no proper molded line is difficult, I decided to just paint the rest of the parts white.

(Re)painted the parts white using White Surfacer from Mr. Hobby, and then Mr. Color No. 1 White Gloss to cover up the base color.

Painted alongside the waist parts are the wing stabilizer fins I missed out back in Part 2. ^^;
I knew I missed something. ^^;

With excessive white paint removed from the wing parts.

Panel lined the four wing parts.

Excessive white paint on Nu Gundam left forearm part is scratched off using a knife, and sharpened toothpick for some tight corners.

The front cap of the part is painted using Gundam Marker Yellow. Several layers of paint are applied to effectively cover up the black base color, especially around the corners.

The rear side of the cap is painted as well, very carefully to avoid ruining the already completed beam saber segment. ^^

Some of the easier parts in terms of panel lining.
For Zeta Gundam's skirt armor parts, Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) is also used to take care of splits between the armor parts unreachable using normal panel liner.

More parts for the color black to show its importance in this BB Senshi set. ^^ The interior of the two Gundams' skirt armor parts, Zeta Gundam's ankle guards and Nu Gundam's shoulder armors (not shown here), as well as the middle section of High-Mega Shield could use some serious black paint work. ^^

Painted the parts using Gaia Color 022 Semi Gloss Black.

Excessive black paint on the edges of the armor parts is scratched off using a knife, or a segment of knife like that used for the same work on the same parts (^^) on BB Senshi Sangokuden Asurao Moukaku Gundam, Syukuyuu Gundam and Kyoshin Elephant Set.

(Left) Panel lined Nu Gundam's shoulder armor parts.
(Right) The shoulder thrusters' vents are painted using panel liner.

A look at the finalized black interior of the shoulder armors. ^^

Will be working on various other weapon parts from the two Gundams next. ^^

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