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Star Wars Lost Wave Figure EP505 Princess Leia Bespin Outfit Part 3 [Final]

Second mode

More action poses featuring Star Wars Lost Wave Figure Princess Leia (Bespin Outfit) after the previous posting. ^^

With support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Not shown in the previous posting: the coat/cape on the figure is actually removable. ^^

(Left) The collar piece which is supposedly part of the cape but is molded as a separated part and the head must be detached first.
(Right) With the arms folded to the back, the cape is slide outward and removed.

A clearer look at the nicely printed patterns on the cape. ^^

More images of a cape-less Princess Leia: ^^

Closeups on the details: ^^

Some action poses from the figure in her "second display form": XD

The cape's removal doesn't alter the figure's posability at all since there's no movable component to be associated to the cape, and due to its fabric material, the cape doesn't hinder any original articulation feature on the figure to begin with. ^^ So, the ability of the cape to be removed can be said to be entirely for "cosmetic" effect. ^^ Still, for such a small figure, it's an additional feature that is quite interesting, and pretty useful too in giving the figure an alternate display form. ^^ The look may be a bit dull with the rather uninteresting brown and dark brown color scheme, but it's still a feature that shows the versatility of this figure. For the price and low personal expectations on the figure, it's a bonus feature that cannot be discounted at all. ^^ Like I said in Part 1, Hasbro could have made the cape and skirt using soft rubber material, which would be disappointing to see but not totally out of place. I'm definitely glad that the company went for actual fabric for the said parts, and I'm already very pleased with the existing display of the materials on the figure. The ability of the cape to be removed just makes the figure way more cooler than it already is. ^^

Comparison between the figure and another small-sized figure, "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Legion Class Arcee: ^^

I initially hope to pose Princess Leia riding on Legion Class Arcee, but Arcee transforms into a motorcycle that is just too small for me to goof around with. ^^;

Arcee is enjoying quite a bit of exposure this month it seems - she was featured in the previous review on "Transformers: Prime" Cyberverse Commander Class Optimus Prime as well. ^^

A surprisingly fun action figure this turns out to be. ^^ Liking the special material for the cape and skirt was my original motivation for getting this figure, but the flexible articulation design and the cape's ability to be removed are great bonuses I didn't expect in the first place. ^^ Between the two Star Wars figures I bought in late January, I think Princess Leia is the one which features better articulation design. ^^ Barriss Offee has a hood that isn't made of fabric material, so I'm not expecting too much posability from her head because of that, but she has a blue light saber and a long dress made of fabric material. ^^ I'm definitely excited to see how she would eventually turn out to be as compared to Pricess Leia. ^^

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