Friday, September 12, 2014

Woodelix Rider Machine Part 4

Machine Massigler

From one small figure to another, the review on Woodelix Rider Machine shokugan set continues after "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse Legion Class Blight. ^^

This is the fourth figure from this shokugan set, after V-Jet, Battle Hopper, and HardBoilder, which also means that this is the penultimate posting to the entire review series. ^^

Box open.

Content: a bubble wrap pack that contains the bike and its nameplate, and a piece of candy.

Two of the three items from the content: the bike itself, and a nameplate.

Introducing the simple gimmicks of the bike before showing off more images of it:

Like Battle Hopper, the front end of the bike can swivel from side to side.

The front and rear wheels do spin.

A little side stand on the left of the bike can be swiveled downward to support the bike.

With the side stand lowered, Battle Hopper can be shown in an upright position.

More images of this shokugan figure:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:


Machine Massigler is the Rider Machine of the astronaut-themed Kamen Rider Fourze. With its sculpt work, and part separation, the figure's design is able to portray the actual Rider Machine's space shuttle theme very well. The shuttle nose-esque fairing, and shuttle rudder, wing, and main engines on the bike's tail can be seen very clearly. The engine component of the bike features some simple, but interesting sculpt details as well. ^^ While the figure did a great job in realizing the actual motorbike's design, it's not particularly outstanding when compared to the previously reviewed three from the set. In my opinion, V-Jet's large size, Battle Hopper's streamlined body line, and HardBoilder's part separation for its side fairings are great features that stand out immediately when I'm thinking about this shokugan set. There's no such uniqueness on this figure that would allow it to stand out when compared to its "comrades" it seems. Even the sculpt details for its engine block are not too amazing when compared to that on Battle Hopper. ^^; It's still a fine figure on its own though, and that's good enough I suppose. ^^

Comparison between the figure and other objects to have a better idea of its small size:

Fits in the palm of my hand nicely. ^^

Comparison with Dream Tomica No. 148 Batmobile 4th.

Comparison with S.I.C. Kiwami Damashii Kamen Rider Blade Jack Form.

Looks like the featured figure of the set, Cyclone has managed to elude my selection all this while, ^^; but I supposed it's also fitting to have it as the last figure to close out this entire review series, but not so soon. ^^

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