Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Woodelix Rider Machine Part 2

Battle Hopper

Lucky draw time with the second figure from Woodelix Rider Machine shokugan set. ^^

Much like the first figure reviewed, V-Jet, the excitement of not knowing which one I'm getting is really only limited to the moment before opening up the box. When the images had been uploaded, and during the process of writing this posting for the review, the lucky draw idea doesn't work anymore. ^^;

Box open.

Content: a bubble wrap pack that contains the bike and its nameplate, and a piece of candy.

Battle Hopper and its nameplate are removed from the bubble wrap.

Introducing the simple gimmicks of the bike before showing off more images of it:

The front end of the bike can swivel from side to side.

The front and rear wheels do spin.

A little side stand on the left of the bike can be swiveled downward to support the bike.

With the side stand lowered, Battle Hopper can be shown in an upright position.

More images of this shokugan figure:

Closeups on the details:

A seemingly separate engine component with some sculpt details beneath the rib cage-like engine cover can be seen. ^^

Bottom view:


As compared to V-Jet, Battle Hopper is much smaller in size, but with pretty amazing color separation for its parts, and great sculpt details on them. ^^ I particularly like the engine frame, and the overall rounded, streamlined design. With the exception of the color, the figure realistically captures the image of the bike's iconic grasshopper bodyline, which makes it look really good. ^^

Comparison between the figure and other objects to have a better idea of its small size:

Fits in the palm of my hand nicely. ^^

With the previously reviewed V-Jet.

V-Jet is a small shokugan figure in its own right, Battle Hopper in comparison, is much smaller. ^^

The two nameplates.

There are another three figures yet to be opened: Cyclone, HardBoilder, and Machine Massigler. Which one's coming up next. ^^

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