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Gundam Construction Scene Part 1

Head and waist parts conveyance [頭部・腰部運搬]

Starting a new review series on another Gundam related collectible, after the completion of BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam, but its merchandise nature is much more unique. ^^

Gundam Construction Scene (MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM ガンダム大地に建つ)
Production company: Bandai Candy Toy (Bandai)
Release date: Mid March 2011
Price: 350 Yen each (exclusive of tax). All six types, 2,100 Yen per set (exclusive of tax).
Official link 1 - Bandai Candy Toy
Official link 2 - Bandai Asia Web

Separated into six individual packs, this is a gashapon set designed after the construction of the 1/1 scale Gundam RX-78-2 in Shizuoka, Japan, in 2010. If you recall, the statue was originally completed in Odaiba, in June 2009, and was opened to public viewing a month after that as part of the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Gundam franchise. It was dismantled in September that year, then rebuilt in Shizuoka a year later as part of the RG 1/1 Gundam Project. Obviously, this gashapon set is released as a tie-in merchandise for that meaningful event. ^^

Diorama display is the main gimmick of this gashapon set. ^^ Each individual pack resembles a portion of the statue's construction site, for example a section focusing on parts of the head, and waist, another site on the skeletal frame, another on the legs, and so on. For display purpose, each individual pack comes with its own base, a couple of micro human figurines, and different construction parts to compliment the actual components of the Gundam statue. In total, there are six packs in this gashapon set, which means you can get six separate mini dioramas of the whole construction process. ^^ Similar to a Gunpla kit, you can also assemble all the statue parts from the individual packs to construct a gashapon-sized replica of the actual statue. ^^

Front view of the main box

The 10cm tall replica of the Gundam statue that you can assemble from the individual packs.

Components of the six individual packs are shown on the front cover.

Made in 2010.

The completed statue of Gundam RX-78-2 would be the final "display form" of this gashapon set I suppose, so unlike the Brave Legend Brave Gum shokugan set from Kabaya that I'm also currently reviewing, there's a direct connection between the individual packs - the statue would probably be missing a limb if one of the individual packs is not in. ^^; So, getting all six individual packs as a set is a must for this gashapon set.

Originally released in early December 2010 as a venue-limited merchandise for visitors to the RG 1/1 Gundam Zone, this gashapon set was subsequently released in March the following year on Premium Bandai, through Gundam Cafe, and other hobby sites.

Side views of the main box.

Images of the individual packs' components are repeated on both sides of the main box.

Top and bottom views of the box.

Product info on the bottom face of the main box.

Box open.

The six individual boxes are sorted neatly inside the main box.

All six individual packs of the gashapon set.

As mentioned above, each of the six packs contain parts to construct a mini diorama featuring certain components from the statue. Each of them resembles a specific work-in-progress scene from the actual construction, albeit simplified to gashapon level no doubt. ^^ For that matter, each pack is a complete gashapon "figure" on its own, and can be reviewed independently, much like all the other sets covered on this blog in the past. ^^

I'll be adhering to the designated number of the different packs in this review series, so that the posting number will be sequenced accordingly. ^^ The first pack to be featured is Head and Waist Parts Conveyance (頭部・腰部運搬).

As you can see in the image above, each of the individual pack is actually quite small. ^^

Front view of the pack.

Preview of the mini diorama, and the components from this pack that will be used on the statue.
The designated color for this pack is dark blue.

Very simple design on all sides of the box.

Preview of the whole set, and the Gundam statue on the back of the box.

Box open.


Pack number on the side flap.

Front, and rear views of the plastic bag containing the figure parts.

A single-page instruction sheet on the assembly of certain components in some of the sets, and the Gundam status itself.

Indication that the micro figurines included are on a runner, and need to be removed from it for diorama display.

The box is flattened, and its flaps cut off for easier storage.

All the parts removed from the plastic bag shown earlier on.

Components for the Gundam statue.

The V-fin is assembled onto the helmet.

Closeups on the Gundam head's details.
The paint work for the left eye is a bit off, ^^; but the sculpt details of this component is very well done. ^^

The parting line between the front and rear parts forms some of the head's details.

The face is a separate piece from the head.
Including the V-fin, the head is made up of four parts.

Closeups on the two parts for the skirt armor.

The completed skirt armor.

The mini diorama's base.

Closeups on the base's details.

Rear view of the base.

Besides the usual company and copyright info, a large "1" is molded on the underside as well. It would seem that every pack has a differently designed diorama base. ^^

Size of the base: 5.5cm by 5.5cm.

Two construction platform parts.

A forklift to hold the Gundam helmet.

Molded details for the driver figure inside the forklift's cab are very well done. ^^

Front view of the runner that holds the human figurines.
Looking at the runner's label, it would seem that every pack has a set of differently designed figurines included. ^^

Rear view of the runner.

The figurines are removed from the runner.

I labelled the bottom of the figurines' bases with their pack number using a black marker. ^^

The puny size of some of the parts, especially the figurines are immediately visible when they are compared to a coin. ^^

Getting all the parts ready to form the mini diorama. ^^

Following the instruction sheet, and the preview of the completed diorama on the box cover, the face is going to be a separate display piece from the helmet.

The two construction platform parts are pegged onto the U-shaped slots on the base.

(Left) The forklift's forks are slid onto a T-shaped peg on the center front area of the base.
(Right) Its inner connector slot can be used to mount the helmet on top the T-shaped peg.

The three parts (including the peg) are loosely connected to one another. ^^;

The skirt armor, the Gundam face, and the two figurines are arranged on top the base to complete the diorama. ^^

More images of this mini diorama:

Closeups on the details:

The base has just the right size for all the components to be arranged on top of it, but with enough space between them for the details to be shown off. ^^ The completed construction platform is a bit simple-looking on the broader side, which is a bit disappointing, given that the other two sides with very nicely molded see-through frame details look really good in comparison. ^^ The statue components themselves are very well done as well. The molded line details on the helmet, and skirt armors, together with the minor markings on the latter should look familiar to those who assembled Real Grade 1/144 Gundam RX-78-2, or Master Grade Gundam RX-78-2 Ver. 3.0. ^^ The details are closely replicated from the actual statue's design features. It's pretty cool to see those details on such small-sized components.

Comparison between the diorama and another small-sized representation of Gundam RX-78-2 in my collection:

With the BB Senshi version.

Focusing on the Gundam head between the two items is perhaps not a very good comparison I think. ^^; For its deformed proportion, the BB Senshi kit actually has the biggest-sized head among the more regular-scaled line up. XD Then again, for its size, and just being Gundam RX-78-2, I think I'll be featuring the BB Senshi kit in the rest of the reviews in the future. ^^

Will be opening another box from this gashapon set in the future, but not so soon. ^^

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