Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Class Windrazor Part 2

Might as well make use of the large wings

Moving on to the articulation design, and posability of "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters Cyberverse" Legion Class Windrazor after the previous posting. ^^

Limited by the way the head transforms, there's no neck joint for Windrazor. ^^;

Ball type joints for the shoulder, and elbow.

Wide range of movements for the arms, thanks to the ball-type shoulder and elbow joints.
Movable elbows are extra articulation point on Windrazor which are lacking on Twinstrike, and Blight from the same action figure series. ^^;

As part of its transformation, either shoulder block can be hinged to the back for 90 degrees.

Ball-type joints for the hips.

Full forward split, and sidesplit illustrates the extremely flexible range of bending enabled by the ball-type hip joints. ^^

The lower leg can be hinged to the back via a joint that sort-of resembles the ankle - it's situated between the knee and the actual ankle on either leg. The joint is designed to be part of the transformation, instead of an actual joint to be used by the robot mode. ^^;

Windrazor's weapon: Tornado Bow.

There are three straight pegs, and two round connector ports on the entire weapon. The latter actually includes the blaster muzzle in front of the crossbow.

Using its pegs, the weapon can be held by Windrazor as a bow, or as a pickaxe.

The peg slot on top of either wing's joint can be used to mount the weapon.

There's another peg slot on the figure, beside either knee, which can be used to mount the weapon as well.

Some action poses for Windrazor to try out its articulation design. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

Since the wings are so obviously visible in robot mode, they can be adjusted to pose Windrazor in a half-robot-half-beast form to show off its flight capability. ^^

The wings can work as shields for the robot mode I guess. ^^

The crossbow looks like a Laserbeak-like mini drone when it's mounted on Windrazor's forearm in this pose. ^^

A look at Windrazor's robot-to-beast mode transformation in the next posting. ^^

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