Sunday, November 16, 2014

BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam Part 7

Tight tolerance, but all clear

Armoring up BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam after the completion of its plain form in the previous posting. ^^

Kochu Gundam with all his extra armor parts, but not including those for the backpack, and Eishinkyuu (鋭真弓).

Closeup on the body armor parts.

Armor parts with more than one paint added to each. ^^

The plume, which is actually a small dragon is an amazing piece of details on top Kochu's helmet. ^^

Done for the helmet.

Sets of tiny rivets on the helmet that were panel lined in Part 5.

A rather large piece of foil sticker for the mecha gray section of the shield.

The shield's line details rival that of the helmet. ^^
The rear face was painted black in Part 2.

Body armor components of Kochu Gundam.

Even though their connector pins, and peg slots were chipped in Part 2, the shoulder armors attach to Kochu Gundam's shoulders very securely. ^^

With the option sensor unit added to Kochu Gundam's head. The sensor covers up the right pupil completely. ^^

Despite the close connection between the right eye and the option sensor unit, there's still a gap between them, so you don't have to worry that the extra part ruining the eye sticker. ^^

The helmet is attached onto Kochu Gundam's head.
There's no collision between the helmet and the still attached option sensor unit at all. ^^

Done for the armored up main body of Kochu Gundam.

Backpack and weapon parts.
As you can see from the comparison with Kochu Gundam, these are some of the largest parts in the entire kit. ^^

Parts that were painted during the detailing phase. ^^

(Left) The three arrows need to be attached to the backpack part according to a specific arrangement to avoid collision between their fletchings. ^^
(Right) If you get it right, the arrowheads can be sorted neatly on the backpack part. ^^

The two wing pieces need to be attached to the backpack itself, before the latter is mounted on Kochu Gundam's back.

Without any special arrangement, the space tolerance between the bottom edge of either wing piece and the rear skirt armor is very tight, but there is in fact a gap. ^^

The gap may seem minor at first glance, but there's no collision between the parts when the waist is turned. ^^

As backpack parts, the wings can be hinged upward.
Together with the main backpack part, the wing pieces form a supporting platform for Kochu Gundam when he deploys his Gouryu Goumeisen (昂龍剛鳴閃) finishing move.

Zankuutou (斬空刀) can still be mounted to the left side skirt armor, but as the blade that is extending to the back is already hitting the left wing piece, the sword cannot be pegged into its designated rack completely. ^^;

(Left) The shield is attached to the left shoulder block, with a seemingly upside-down arrangement as its default setting. ^^
(Right) The "quiver" can be attached to either side of the backpack. It's left (again) by default.

The leftover sticker sheet.

With the shield, sword, and "quiver" all gathered on the left hand side of Kochu Gundam, it's going to be a very left-heavy model kit. ^^

More images of the armored Kochu Gundam coming up next. ^^

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