Monday, November 24, 2014

Random (105)


As part of my work, I'm currently with some of my colleagues in Cameron Highlands, Pahang, West Malaysia. ^^

Interestingly, the journey from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to the hotel I'm current staying at was actually slightly shorter than half of the trip from Kuching to Batang Ai I made a couple of weeks ago, according to Google Map of course. ^^ While the indicated travel time is just 3 hours 17 minutes, we definitely took much longer time than that - about five hours to be exact, which again, was pretty similar to the Batang Ai trip mentioned before. ^^

On-and-off rains all the way from KLIA to Cameron Highlands.

More greenery, taller trees, and curvier roads as we moved from Ringlet, and ascended toward Tanah Rata.

Lunch and breaks notwithstanding, the long highway ride, and then the super curvy, mountainous road from Tapah leading up to our destination definitely took more time than what Google Map showed. ^^

Since this is my first visit to Cameron Highlands, the long journey was quite an eye opener to me, but the beautiful scenery on the way was an amazing experience to had.

Then again, here's a friendly reminder to those who are planning the same trip: enjoy as much of the scenery from the bus ride up the highland as possible instead of trying to take photos of the jungles on both sides of the road. Missing the views is one thing, getting motion sickness while trying to take photos is worse. ^^;

Beautiful tea plantation at Cameron Valley.

Beautiful, and plentiful as they are, you are not allowed to DIY your own cup of tea by plucking the tea leaves here. XD

Teh Tarik + a slice of banana cake at the local tea house.
As my nose was stuff with the smell of medicated oil I applied to try to drive away the motion sickness before this tea break, I didn't manage to savor the tea's taste effectively, even though it's supposed to be incredibly amazing according to our tour guide. ^^;

Some of the old school shops and eateries at Tanah Rata, as seen just a couple of hours ago after my dinner. ^^

More exploring of Cameron Highlands tomorrow. ^^

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