Friday, November 7, 2014

Random (103)

500+ km round trip, 10 hours on the road, in one day

Yesterday (7 November), as part of my work, I was out of the office with a colleague to conduct an interview with officers from a government agency. While that sounds amazingly simple, the interview venue was in Lubok Antu, more than 250 km away from city center. ^^

Google Map indicates that the journey takes only 3 hours and 50 minutes, but it doesn't seem to take into consideration that for the longer part of the journey, which is outside the town of Serian, the road in either direction is singled-laned, occupied by many heavy trucks and long distance buses. In the end, we spent more than five hours to travel from the city center to our destination, and about the same time coming back after our assignment. ^^

The lake at the destination.

At a rest stop in Sungai Tenggang, Sri Aman, about the halfway point in the entire journey.

While the travel hours were long, seeing the beautiful sceneries along the long roads and the lake at the destination was quite an eye opener to me. ^^

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