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Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI Part 2

Solid beam, solid smoke

A look at Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI's accessories and option parts after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Accessories, and option parts for Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI.

Two pairs option hands.

A pair of open hands.

A pair of closed fists

Made of soft plastic, the wrist armors on the hand units can be bent very easily to accommodate a wide range of arm poses, especially those involving Mark VI firing its palm repulsors.

Any of the option hand units can be swapped onto the figure's wrist easily.

The default pair of spread palms from Mark VI.

The wrist armor is also made of soft plastic, just like the same parts on the four option hand units.

A pair of open hands with beam effect parts fixed to the palm repulsors.

Closeups on the details.

Not only are the wrist armors fixed on the two special hand units, their joints are unmovable as well.
Letters "L", and "R" can be seen molded behind the armor pieces to distinguish between the two sides, not that it's impossible to tell by the thumbs' position in the first place. ^^

With one of the special hand units swapped onto the figure's wrist.
Beside swivelling around the wrist, this special hand unit is really only meant to show off the palm result beam in a fixed manner.

A large flame effect base for the foot thrusters.

The sculpting, and painting on the effect base is quite amazing. ^^ Apart from all the curvy, elevated sculpt details representing the smoke and gasses, a very nice powdery gradient paint work that represents the flame emitted from the thrusters can be seen on the entire part. ^^

Closeups on the details.

Size of the effect base: about 10cm in width, 5cm in depth, and 3cm tall (not shown in the image above).

The two outer pieces are separate parts that are connected to the main base via Revoltech joints.

Using the Revoltech joints, the outer pieces' position can be adjusted, which effectively alter the appearance of the entire effect base. ^^

The outer pieces can be swapped around as well.

A more "encapsulated" look for the effect base is realized with the repositioned outer pieces. ^^

The figure can be mounted on top the effect base via the pair of peg slots on its soles.

The base may be a bonus to the figure's flight pose, but since there's no way to adjust the pegs' position, the effect base puts a limit on the legs' posability as well, unfortunately. ^^;

(Left) A typical name plate featuring the character name and movie origin.
(Right) A standard RevolContainer, and RevolChip.

The RevolContainer is only useful for storing the name plate, RevolChip, and the four normal option hand units, ...

... but it's obviously not meant to hold the special repulsor beam hand units, and effect base. ^^;

More images of Sci-fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark VI:

Closeups on the details:






The really glossy red paint work on the figure is the most obvious visual element to be seen on Mark VI. ^^ While it's very well done, it's so shiny it almost blocks some of the smaller-sized sculpt details on the figure from being seen properly. ^^; Sculpt details like the sunken vents between the cheek and the faceplate, and vents next to the armpits are not really visible if you can't ignore the shiny red paint. However, I feel that the greatest loss in terms of details, is with all the intricate panel lines all over the figure. They are very well molded to compliment some of the minor details, but they are not easily detectable if you don't zoom in on the different components. ^^; It's a shame really, since there are some really beautiful panel lines on that chest, and behind the waist that are simply too "faint" to wrestle against the glossy red paint. ^^; Those line details were actually shown to be highlighted in black in the product page of Mark VI on the official site, but for some unknown reasons, they were omitted on the final product. ^^;

Then again, like Mark II, this is a well-proportioned figure. ^^ I even feel that the overall look is slightly better than that of Mark II, with the more protruding abdomen area that gives the body a more masculine look, and having much smaller armor behind its hands that makes more sense, visually. ^^ These (improved) design features are most likely reflecting actual mecha settings on Mark VI, especially when compared to Mark II, since the former is one of more earlier successor units that must have been produced with improvements over its predecessors. There's nothing to complain about Mark II in hindsight if its design is supposed to reflect that inferiority in designated mecha settings. However, there's no denying the difference in posability, a topic yet to be explored for Mark VI, if said design features do have some effects on the figure. For the hands at least, particularly with how the wrist armor works, I can almost guarantee that there'll be some differences between Mark VI and Mark II. ^^;

Speaking of posability, the topic will be discussed in the next posting. ^^

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