Monday, November 24, 2014

Nendoroid Cattleya Part 2

The kid is an accessory too

A look at Nendoroid Cattleya's accessories, and option parts after the introduction in the previous posting. ^^

Nendoroid Cattleya, and all of her accessories, and option parts.

Giant Slayer (巨人殺し), Cattleya's main weapon.

The sword is "reasonably" large in Nendoroid form, but is definitely not as awe-inspiring as the normal scale design of the weapon. ^^

Closeups on Giant Slayer's details.

Length of the sword: about 8.5cm.

The pommel is designed as a separate, removable part to allow the sword to be equipped to Cattleya's hand.

The only option face part for Cattleya, which seems to be depicting a focused, determined look.

Rear view of the option face part.

Unlike the same component on Miyuki, Cattleya's glasses feature just the frame that is made of soft plastic.

Standard part-swapping design to change between the face parts.

Cattleya with the option face part.

The default face part.

Option arms and fist: a pair of fist-less bent arms, one slightly bent right arm with an open fist to hold the sword, one straight left arm with a spread palm, and another open fist, with differently angled palm area to hold the sword.

Closeups on the different hand units.
The rectangular "patches of flesh" (XD) on the back of the hands, which obviously represent the areas exposed from her open back gloves are delicately done. ^^

All the hand units can be detached from their respective option arms.

With their straight pegs, the hand units can be swivelled around their wrists as well.

Comparison between the two open fists to hold the giant sword.
The difference in the palm slots' angle is very obvious.

The two open fists allow the sword to be held at different angles.

The default pair of straight arms with closed fists.

The closed fists can also be detached, and swapped onto the option arms shown earlier on.

Comparison between the two straight left arms.

The main difference is the cut angle between their shoulders.

A pair of bent legs.

Simple red stripes, and brown soles as the details of the boots.

The bent legs allow Cattleya to be displayed in a kneeling pose.

The default pair of straight legs.

Cattleya also uses a spear in the anime series, and that's a weapon that is not included in this set. The spear is designated to the 2P color variant, and it replaces Giant Slayer as the only weapon for that limited release version.

Done with the introduction of Cattleya's accessories, and option parts, the focus now turns to the figure of Rana, which I suppose can be counted as one of Cattleya's option parts as well, since its main function is just to compliment Cattleya's display. ^^

A peg slot behind the figure allows it to be connected to its mini display base shown in the previous posting.
The design is exactly the same as the mini bases in Haruhi Summer Festival Set, and Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set from the Nendoroid Petit series

With its mini display base's support, Rana can now be shown standing properly. ^^

Closeups on the face detailing.

Rana's head can be turned from side to side.

The head is designed to be separable for the face part to be detached, but there's no option face part included for Rana. ^^;

Ball-type neck joint, which is another Nendoroid Petit feature shared with the two previously mentioned sets.

The arms can be swivelled forward/backward.

A full mother-and-son display of this Nendoroid set: ^^

That's quite an adorable scene. ^^

More images of the two Nendoroid figures, but with individual focus coming up in the next posting. ^^

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Anonymous said...

Can you switch Cattleya's face with other nendoroid hair with bang cover almost half thier face? (Hibiki, Dasai, Kirito, etc) or will her glasses get in the way?