Sunday, November 30, 2014

Nendoroid Cattleya Part 5 [Final]

Glasses meet glasses; petit meets petit

More action poses from Nendoroid Cattleya to start off this final posting of the figure's review series. ^^

Comparison between Cattleya and another Nendoroid figure in my collection, one who shares some similarities in terms of looks with the former. ^^

With Miyuki: ^^

While she was joked on many times in her show about this, Miyuki's bust is nowhere near Cattleya's. ^^

Then again, with them having the same type of joint design, Miyuki can be posed "cosplaying" as Cattleya. XD

The pose created using Cattleya's bent arm, and spread palm fits Miyuki's image perfectly. ^^

Comparison between Rana and other Nendoroid Petit figures:

With Haruhi from Haruhi Summer Festival Set, and Kagami from Lucky Star x Street Fighter Set.

Cattleya isn't be the only Nendoroid set that features an extra Nendoroid Petit figure in my collection. ^^ Nendoroid Sasara Kusugawa Valkyrie Ver. & Nendoroid Petite Maryan is an unopened set with that feature, although it's a much larger set, with extra gimmicks installed for its Nendoroid Petit figure, hence the inclusion of its name in the overall title. ^^

Overall, a very nice Nendoroid set this is. ^^ Liking Cattleya as a character in "Queen's Blade" is already a good enough reason for me to get this figure in the first place, although the inclusion of her son Rana as a Nendoroid Petit figure is a nice bonus to the set. ^^ With the exception of Rana, the package content, especially the accessory list is a fairly standard deal for a Nendoroid set. In terms of design, Cattleya herself is a rather typical Nendoroid as well, devoid of any special articulation point, or unique gimmick, but her mature, sexy look in this deformed scale is quite refreshing, and that I suppose qualifies as a unique feature of this Nendoroid set. ^^

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