Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random (106)

Flowers, cactuses, vegetables, strawberries, cats

Day 2 of my Cameron Highlands trip. ^^

6.45AM at 1,300 meters above sea levels, on Cameron Highlands. ^^

A cat at a rest stop near Brinchang showing its "immense" interest in my camera. ^^

The cat was actually super-friendly, just a bit shy to show its face to the camera. XD
This was just one of the many cats I managed to encounter today. ^^

Visited Big Red Strawberry Farm in Brinchang.

Lots of flowers of different colors, cactuses of various sizes, and vegetables of plentiful types at the strawberry farm.

Had strawberry chocolate and fresh strawberries with whipped cream at the local cafe.
I never had this much of strawberries in one shot before this. XD

Plenty of farm produce, tea, strawberries, local snacks, toys, and souvenirs to be found at Kea Farm, also in Brinchang.

Had rice with "telur bungkus" (minced chicken and vegetables cooked with tomato sauce, wrapped within a layer of fried egg) for dinner in Tanah Rata with my colleagues just a few hours ago. ^^

Will be on the road for another long journey across states tomorrow. ^^

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