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BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam Part 10 [Final]

Bonus dragon

While the two official weapon configurations for BB Senshi Sangokuden Kochu Gundam have been introduced in the previous posting, there are still some fun features you can get out of the kit. ^^

Depending on your preference for a fully armed, official-looking Kochu Gundam, or a more lightweight version, the bonus features might turn out to be more interesting that its two weapon configurations. ^^

The three largest components: the backpack, and the two shoulder blocks can be reassembled into a Tengyokugai - Souryuu(天玉鎧-蒼龍)-like dragon support mecha. ^^

The protruding pair of T-shaped slots on top the backpack are pivotal to this alternate configuration. ^^

Using their respective L-shaped connectors, the shoulder blocks are tabbed onto the backpack.

The imbalanced weight distribution of the backpack itself cause the entire support to tilt downward on its tail half. ^^;

The quiver/targeting sensor block can be attached beneath the tail end to provide the "ground support" the latter needs in order to stand properly. ^^

Done for the bonus support mecha. ^^

More images of this bonus support mecha:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

Midair pose with support using Soul Stage Act 3 Action Support Clear Type.

Although the mecha was indeed shown inside the instruction manual, it was mentioned as a mere fun comment by the kit's developer. ^^ It's a very cool support mecha nonetheless, even though there's no official name assigned to it. ^^

Kochu Gundam can be posed riding his dragon mecha into combat. ^^

The two straight pegs on top the dragon's body can be used to connect to Kochu Gundam's soles.

The connection is very firm - Kochu Gundam doesn't fall down when he's in an upside down position. ^^

Kochu Gundam can look really cool wielding his giant bow while riding on top his dragon. ^^

Having connector pegs, and ports all over it, the dragon support mecha can have all of Kochu Gundam's weapon parts mounted onto it. ^^

No loose part at all. ^^

Even with all the weapons equipped to the dragon, there's still one peg available on top of it to support Kochu Gundam. ^^

Finally, a comparison with another weapon specialist-type BB Senshi Sangokuden kit, Choko Zaku III. ^^

The size difference between the two is very obvious. ^^

For a 600-Yen (exclusive of tax) BB Senshi kit, Kochu Gundam's overall quality really exceeds my initial expectations. ^^ Its detailing, especially the dragon plume, and rivets on the helmets are very beautiful; it's big, with large parts that are fun to assemble; it has amazingly flexible weapon configuration design. Besides the official weapon configurations shown in the previous posting, and the bonus support mecha shown in this one, I'm pretty sure there are more alternate forms that others can think of through assembling, and reassembling its weapon components.

Creative ideas for its model kit releases is one of the main attractions of the BB Senshi Sangokuden line to me, and that creativity is really shining on Kochu Gundam. ^^

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