Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nendoroid Cattleya Part 3

Nendoroid class sexiness

More images of Nendoroid Cattleya, and her son Rana, after the introduction of her accessories, and option parts in the previous posting. ^^


Closeups on the details:


Cattleya's ponytail is connected to the back of her head via a straight peg, allowing it to be swivelled from side to side.






Closeups on the details:



It's quite amazing to see the sexy side of Cattleya been realized on a Nendoroid figure. ^^ While the usual Nendoroid proportioned face part seems to grant her a much younger, more adorable look, due to the chubby appearance of her cheeks, ^^ her voluptuous bodyline tells a very different story. ^o^ She's cute, but very sexy at the same time. ^^

As with all the Nendoroid figures reviewed in the past, there are many well done details to be enjoyed on these two figures. The sculpting and painting of Cattleya's costume - I particularly like the large tied ribbons on her back, ^^ the very accurately painted zigzag pattern on Rana's hairband, his metallic green necklace are all great details to look at. Then again, with Cattleya's sexiness being the main focus here, who cares about those minor, useless details anyway? XD

Some action poses from Nendoroid Cattleya coming up next. ^^

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