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Kabaya Brave Legend Brave Gum Part 6

J-Decker (Part 3)

As previewed in the previous posting, this last individual posting for J-Decker from Kabaya's Brave Legend Brave Gum shokugan set will focus on J-Roader's carrier mode transformation. ^^

Deckard has to be removed from the chest area first, and since it's not going to be needed by J-Roader, it's transformed back into its police car mode.
Like Deckard, J-Buster has no place on J-Roader. ^^;

The wings are hinged upward until they meet at the top.

The legs are snapped together to form the carrier's main body.

The entire backpack is flipped around for 180 degrees, until the wings are placed on top the thighs.
The robot mode's crotch piece fits through the polygonal gap between the wings perfectly. ^^

A bit of part-swapping is needed to transform the arms. They need to be detached from their respective shoulder side first.

Either arm is reattached onto the shoulder block, but via the rear peg slot instead.

Using it connecting peg, either arm is rotated downward for 90 degrees.

The shoulder armors are snapped together to form the carrier's cab.

On the bottom side of J-Roader, the arms are swung inward, and stored inside the opening beneath the carrier.

On either leg, the side panel is opened up, and expanded to reveal the large "Police" label.

Very accurate fitting between the side panel and the waist when

All done for J-Roader's transformation.

More images of the transformed model kit:

Closeups on the details:

Bottom view:

The transformation for J-Roader is well designed on this shokugan model. ^^ The accurate fitting between the different components as noted during the transformation process shown above is definitely the indicators of said good design. ^^ On a separate note, it's also interesting to see that while some new details get revealed after the transformation, some robot mode details, like the blue wing panels, and red blocks on the front skirt armors are hidden instead. For that, there are always different details to observe between the two modes. ^^

Length of J-Roader in carrier mode: about 10cm

A look at the vehicle to robot mode transformation of J-Roader from "Brave Police J-Decker":

Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

The more delicate part of the transformation, like the faceplate, and the hands are obviously not possible to be realized on this shokugan model. ^^; After taking those components out of the equation, I think the transformation design for this shokugan model is a pretty accurate representation of its actual sequence, which is very cool. ^^

Comparison with Deckard:

Unlike King Loader, there's no alternate mode to connect Deckard to J-Roader. ^^

You can place Deckard on top of J-Roader, and pretend that the carrier is transporting the police car around. XD

As mentioned before, J-Buster is completely left out of J-Roader's vehicle mode. ^^;

Comparison with the various forms, and components of King Exkaiser:

Exkaiser, and Deckard in car mode.

Exkaiser, and Deckard in robot mode.
Deckard is bigger, but it's worth noting that the two models features almost identical transformation. ^^

King Loader, and J-Roader.
Their names have to be counted as one of the similarity between the mecha I suppose. ^^

King Loader seems to be slightly larger than J-Roader, thanks to its rear wheels that extend outward on either side of the body, and Exkaiser mounted in front.

Empty chest area on King Loader, and J-Roader, before their respective core robots are added to complete the combination.
The difference between the two: King Loader can resemble a complete robot without Exkaiser, but J-Roader can only form a chestless, headless J-Decker if Deckard is missing. ^^;

The biggest difference between the two models: to complete the transformation, Exkaiser has to be configured into its robot mode; Deckard on the other hand, must be in vehicle mode, with a few combination-only steps adjusted to it.

King Exkaiser, and K-Decker.

Finally, a bonus comparison with another model kit to get a better idea of this shokugan model's size:

With BB Senshi Gundam RX-78-2.

All the closeups on the model, including those that featured King Exkaiser made J-Decker (as well as King Exkaiser actually ^^) seems larger that it actually is. The comparison with BB Senshi Gundam RX-78-2 serves as a nice reminder of its true size, which also helps to portray its good design that really deserves more appreciation. ^^

The next kit on the list, the last one from this shokugan series, is GaoGaiGar from "The King of Braves GaoGaiGar", but its assembly and review is not going to be featured so soon. ^^

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