Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Random (119)

Animal Sunday

Sunday 1 March was the second day of my trip here in Thailand. With no proper plan in mind as to where exactly to go, and no contingency plan when I did arrive in certain places, I found myself getting lost in various places around the city, even though I didn't mind about it at all.

Well, maybe not the super hot weather so much. ^^;

Following the true essence of the Random series, this posting is going to be more about some of the animals I've seen in the city just on Sunday itself. How about that for a travel-related posting? XD

That annoyed look shows just how much the cat enjoyed having its photo taken. ^^

Another two cats somewhere else look like they are having a Mexi-cat standoff!


"Human, why do you look so disappointed?"

The dog that couldn't care less about looking at my camera. ^^;

Lots of pigeons on/off the ground at Benjasiri Park, Khlong Toei.

Iron boars (?) inside the park.

Is the park secretly holding Godzilla in its pond?

Click for the larger view of the panoramic shot.

Address of Benjasiri Park:
Sukhumvit Road,
Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei,
Bangkok 10110

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