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Transformers Specialist Decepticons: Galvatron Part 5 [Final]

Of the same scale, but way better than Rodimus Prime

All action poses from Galvatron from Takara Tomy's limited Transformers Specialist Decepticons three figure boxed set in this part of the review series. ^^

Supported using Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

With its flexible articulation design, Galvatron is capable of performing some really awesome-looking action poses, especially with the support of an extra display stand. ^^ However, given its lack of weapon and robot mode gimmicks, I found myself running out of ideas on how to pose him not long after starting the work. ^^;

Comparison with its arch-rival from the movie, Rodimus Prime from the United line:

In vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

Galvatron is very slightly taller than Rodimus Prime in comparison. ^^

Some duel poses between the two: ^^

Despite being of compatible size, Galvatron is a lot more intricate in terms of transformation, and articulation designs. ^^ Since both of them were from the Henkei! series, if Rodimus Prime is considered to a standard design in that series, then Galvatron is most definitely one of the more superior figures. ^^ For that matter, I think it would be perfectly fine if Galvatron was given a Voyager Class-sized release, but with the same detailing, transformation and articulation design as this Henkei! version. ^^

Comparison with a few other Transformers figures featured back in Part 1:

With "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" Voyager Class Megatron in vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

With "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" N.E.S.T. Decepticon Bludgeon in vehicle mode.

In robot mode.

A quick "summary" of Galvatron's tank to robot mode transformation: ^^

Overall, I'm very happy with this Transformers figure. ^^ Its transformation sequence is involved, but very fun to play with, which is in line with how I imagined it to be years ago when I was trying to get its Henkei! version. ^^ Its articulation design is equally impressive, although as noted earlier on, the lack of weapon and extra gimmicks on the robot mode makes it rather difficult to come up with many action poses for Galvatron. Then again, that limitation is part of the character design of Galvatron, so I'm not going to blame this figure for not providing what it shouldn't have to. ^^

One last point to highlight before ending the review series: after a few rounds of transformations, a couple of paint chips have appear on the turret and main gun. ^^;

The turret was in chrome silver, while the main gun was in gray on the original Henkei! version, and were repainted metallic blue, and dark gray respectively on this limited release. While the risk of scrapping off some of the paints is understandably there when the cannon is detached from and reattached to the turret during transformation, it's still unfortunate to have the paint chips. Like having all the visible tank components on the robot mode after transformation being a compromise to have a more realistic-looking tank mode, I suppose the risk of paint chips due to transformation is a compromise for a more animation-accurate color scheme for Galvatron. ^^;

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