Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Random (131)

I'll buy more next time

I'm already back in Kuching from my vacation since yesterday morning (March 10), but was just too lazy to update my blog. ^^;

As a matter of fact, that laziness hit me the moment I reached Singapore on last Friday. I relaxed too much and stopped blogging about my experience in the country after the first day. ^^; And now I need to do some backtracking, while no longer on vacation. ^^;

One of the mandatory souvenirs to bring home is chocolates, or some kind of food. ^^

Like other souvenirs, the chocolates are expectedly the same as what you can get in normal stores. The novelty of them, at least to me, is more on the packaging and design rather than the chocolates themselves.

Then again, there's something "special" about these boxes of chocolates and cookies you can get from the gazillion souvenirs stores in Bugis Street or Chinatown.

Product of Malaysia!
At first I was
And then I was

Visit Singapore, buy souvenirs in Singapore, but also support Malaysia's economy at the same time. XD

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