Saturday, March 14, 2015

Transformers Specialist Decepticons: Galvatron Part 4

Unconventional flexibility

Moving on to the articulation design of Galvatron from Takara Tomy's limited Transformers Specialist Decepticons three figure boxed set this time. ^^

Only side-to-side swivel is possible for the head, which is understandable, with the head being part of the chest plate revealer gimmick as shown in Part 2.

The ball-type joint of the left shoulder allows it to be lifted from the side of the body for about 45 degrees.

Since the shoulder joint is also on the hingable block, the left shoulder can be further lifted till close to 90 degrees. ^^

Closeup on the hinge joint of the shoulder block mentioned above.

The left arm can swivel freely around its shoulder block.

Very flexible 180-degree left elbow bend, which is of no surprise at all since this completely folded up state is actually its configuration in tank mode. ^^

A bit of molded hydraulic pipe details can be seen behind the left elbow joint.

Standard action figure articulation ability: the arm can swivel around at bicep level.

An articulation feature inherited from its transformation design, the left fist can be bent downward at wrist level.

Due to the its slide-and-lock transformation mechanism, it's not possible for the right shoulder to be lifted from the side of the body.

Despite being a compressed tank turret, the right shoulder can swivel freely around its shoulder block as well.

The shoulder cannon has its own swivel joint that allows it to be rotated around on top the turret.

Just 90 degrees for the right elbow bend.

The right arm can swivel around at biceps level as well.

While its shoulder is incapable of being lifted from the side of the body, the right biceps is on a hinge joint that allows it to be bent outward for a slight degree. ^^
Even though this is a rather unconventional joint design, Galvatron isn't the first Transformers figure in my collection to have it. "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" N.E.S.T. Decepticon Bludgeon reviewed last year has this joint design on both arms. ^^

As part of its transformation design, the right spread palm can be rotated around at its wrist level.
On a side note, the hollow point on the forearm with the frame details forms part of the component's unique aesthetics. ^^

A full waist swivel is possible for the figure, as long as the rear plate and backpack don't get in the way.

The entire backpack can be lifted.

As part of its transformation design, either backpack block can be flipped outward, and the top vent can be hinged to a variety of positions.
Then again, there's no real need to adjust any of the backpack components, is there? ^^

The rear skirt armor can be lifted.

Ratchet joint for the hips allow the legs to be expanded to their respective sides for 90 degrees. ^^

Without any front skirt armor obstructing their movement, and with the rear plate lifted, 90-degree forward and backward bends are also possible for the hips. ^^

Closeup on the hips' ratchet joints.

Besides the typical thigh swivel, the lower leg can swivel around the knee block as well. ^^

90-degree knee bend.

As part of its transformation design, the shins can swivel around the lower part of the legs.
This articulation capability would be mighty useful to connect the feet to the surface even when Galvatron is posed standing with its hips expanded.

(Left) Besides the ability to be flipped upward, which is an articulation point inherited from its transformation design, ...
(Right) ... either foot can be swivelled from side to side as well. ^^

A kneeling pose for Galvatron?! ^^

Thanks to his shoulder cannon, Galvatron can fake a pretty natural-looking kneeling pose. XD

Despite being a Deluxe Class-sized Transformers figure, there are many nifty articulation points designed for Galvatron. ^^ The incredibly flexible hip joints, and the multiple swivel joints on each leg are my favourite parts of the design. ^^

A look at how Galvatron utilizes its articulation features in posing for action will be up next. ^^

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