Monday, March 23, 2015

Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar Part 3

"Dividing Driver!" "Protect Shade!" "Broken Magnum!" "Hell and Heaven!"

Focusing on the weapons and a few other option parts of Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar in this posting, after going through the first batch in Part 2. ^^

All of Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar's weapons and accessories not introduced in the previous posting.

Dividing Driver

This auxiliary tool for GaoGaiGar is the largest single component in the entire package. ^^

Closeups on the details.
The chrome treatment gives the chisel part a really striking look. ^^ Contrary to popular belief, it's not made of die-cast parts. ^^

Dividing Driver's length: a little over 18cm.

As it features the same connector port as those on the option hand units as shown in the previous posting, the left hand needs to be detached first in order for Dividing Driver to be connected to the left forearm.

The left forearm also needs to be adjusted so that the flat panel sits between the pair of "tubes" (generators for Protect Shade).

"Dividing Driver!"

As shown in Part 1, the Protect Shade piece is contained in its own plastic bag, separated from the main content tray.

It's basically a large, thin, semi-clear plastic plate with molded elevations that represent Protect Shade's force waves. ^^

The sunken slot to accommodate the special left hand unit.

The Protect Shade piece's size: about 12cm in diameter.

The special chop-type hand unit fits inside the sunken slot of the Protect Shade piece very tightly.

"Protect Shade!"

While its wrist slot is already designed to be in an angled position, the special chop-type hand unit still needs to pulled slightly away from the wrist joint, creating a small gap between the hand and said joint, in order for the shield piece to be posed straight in front of the left forearm.

The Broken Magnum parts came as an assembled component in the package. ^^

The entire component is made of three parts.

Very nice glossy pink on all three parts, with the top piece further enhanced with a layer of silver glittering effect. ^^

Rear view of the forearm parts reveals their clear inner pieces. ^^

The front-most piece's connector slot is the same as that on all the hand units.

Assembled the three Broken Magnum parts onto the right forearm, after its hand has been removed.

Broken Magnum ready to be fired.

The entire right forearm can be detached at its elbow level to show off the actual look of Broken Magnum. ^^

The peg joint of the elbow joint.

The second special hand unit not introduced in the previous posting: a set of combined hands to show off the Hell and Heaven pose.

With the option "incomplete" mane parts attached to its chest, both GaoGaiGar's arms can be positioned to the front, ...

... which would then allows the combined hands to be attached to both wrist joints.

"Hell and Heaven!"

Two display stand attachment parts are included as well.

The clear peg is meant to connect to the separated Broken Magnum right forearm.

The attachment piece's own slot allows the whole forearm to be attached to the joint of a Soul Stage display base, like Soul Stage Act 5 Action Support Type for Mechanics Clear Ver.

The dark gray attachment piece is meant for the figure itself.

The attachment piece can be slid onto a designed connection point on the back of GaoGaiGar's waist.

The attachment piece allows the figure to be displayed on top of a display stand. ^^

The Zonder Core is an accessory included purely for display purpose with the figure. ^^

At first glance, the accessory seems like just a fixed part with nice-looking paint work and anime-accurate details, but it has a little extra hiiden details. ^^

The pink lense part is actually detachable.

Even though it can't really be seen due to somewhat "murky" color of the lense piece, there's a Zonder emblem molded inside the core part. ^^
It's an extra piece of detail that I really like.

There's no attachment point of any sort to connect the Zonder Core to GaoGaiGar's spread palms, but you can position the hand units so that one or two of their fingers are plugged beneath the curling veins to secure the connection. ^^

Done with introducing all of the figure's weapons, accessories, and option parts, more images of Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar itself will be next. ^^

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