Friday, March 13, 2015

Transformers Specialist Decepticons: Galvatron Part 3

Just pretend that it's fixed

A whole posting focusing on the robot mode of Galvatron from Takara Tomy's limited Transformers Specialist Decepticons three figure boxed set, after showing off its transformation design in Part 2. ^^

I actually forgot to adjust the right hip as promised in the previous posting before taking all the figure's pictures. ^^;

Let's just pretend that the hips are fine then. XD

Closeups on the details:


The light-piping for the eyes, especially the left eye is limited by the face's paint work unfortunately.



[Rear skirt armor]

[Right arm]


[Left arm]


Despite having a tank as its alternate mode instead of a Cybertronian cannon platform as seen in the movie, much of Galvatron's design features are faithfully realized on the robot mode. There's no doubt that the renewed color scheme given to the figure for its release as part of this limited boxed set is helpful in "enhancing" that character image. The darker shade of blue for the upper body is a much more animation-accurate color for Galvatron as compared to the lighter shade on the original Henkei! version, and the omission of chrome treatment on the large shoulder cannon is definitely helpful in that aspect as well. ^^ The chrome turret was the design feature I had the most trouble accepting when I was deciding on getting the Henkei! version in the past. ^^;

Besides the color scheme, details like the three spikes on its helmet, red "four-pack" on its abdomen (not six-pack XD), protruding vents on the backpack, and red details inside the knee armors are just as iconic to represent Galvatron I believe, and they are nicely realized on this figure. ^^

Unfortunately, the figure does carry a noticeable number of tank mode components that give it some excess bulk not seen on the original design. The backpack is one thing, the legs that seem disproportionately large even to its own hips can be off-putting. ^^; It's a compromise between a realistic-looking tank mode, and incorporating as much of Galvatron's iconic design features in robot mode I guess. For the most part, the robot mode design is very well done, coupled with the intricate transformation for it as shown in the previous posting, I think this is a great representation of Galvatron. ^^

A look at the figure's articulation design in the next part of the review. ^^

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