Friday, March 27, 2015

Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar Part 5

The benefit of being non-transformable

Moving on to the articulation design of Super Robot Chogokin GaoGaiGar after focusing on its plain standing pose in the previous posting. ^^


Despite being positioned in a seemingly tight spot, surrounded by its collar armor, chest, and backpack, the head can be turned to all direction very easily. ^^

Galeon's lower jaw can be hinged upward to close the lion's mouth.

The gap between the abdomen and the back of the lower jaw allows the latter to be expanded for a considerable degree.

The line details of the hard palete can be seen very clearly due to their shiny metallic black paint work. ^^

Standard upward lift range for the arm from the side of the body.

Since this figure features no transformation, the shoulders, supposedly formed from the two ends of LinerGao, were designed with amazing articulation capabilities that are above that on average action figures. ^^

The hinge joint between the shoulder and body allows the entire arm to be bent downward from the side of the body for a wide degree.
Using the same joint but with the arms positioned forward, this articulation capability is designed more for the Hell and Heaven move, as shown in Part 3. ^^

Swinging the arms forward/backward is very easy, as long as collision with the lion manes is avoided.

Using the ball-type joint of the shoulder-to-body joint, either shoulder can be bent forward/backward.

Amazingly, the body has shoulder joint connectors (I usually call them shoulder blocks) that can be expanded, allowing either shoulder to be bent forward for 90 degrees.
This bending range is a bit excessive actually, since the shoulder armors would hit the manes long before achieving this position. ^^

A look at the expanded shoulder joint connector.

The left arm is detached from its shoulder conenctor so that the intricate shoulder joint design to be shown more easily and clearly. ^^

The shoulder-to-body joint is on a hinge that allows it to be lifted. The shoulder-to-biceps joint is also on a hinge, on top of the hinge joint for the upper arm. ^^

The hinge of the shoulder-to-biceps joint allows the arm to be swung horizontally beneath the shoulder armor, kind of like what Takara Tomy's "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" N.E.S.T. Decepticon Bludgeon is able to do with its biceps. ^^

Besides the intricate joints, there are some nice-looking thruster details beneath either shoulder armor as well. ^^

The upper part of GaiGar's gold paint is of a brighter shade than its lower half for some reason. ^^

Not enough with having a bicep swivel, the forearm can swivel around the elbow joint as well, giving the arm an extra articulation capability.

Double-hinge elbow joint.
The movable hinge section on the forearm has a small black armor on top which helps to conceal its look when the forearm is straightened.

Considering the forearm's bulk, having a full 180-degree elbow bend is very impressive. ^^

As shown in Part 2, even though the hand units are connected to their respective wrists via straight polygonal pegs, the pegs themselves are on ball-type joints, thus allowing the hands to be rotated to all directions very easily. ^^

Side-to-side and forward/backward bends are possible for the waist.

The upper body can also be flexed to the left and right.

The large round sphere between the abdomen and waist houses a ball-type joint that enables all the waist articulation shown above I believe.

The front skirt armors are connected to the front of the waist via ball-type joints, but their side-to-side bending range is quite limited. Amazingly, the cylinder on the outer side of each armor plate is on a seemingly hinge joint, allowing it to be expanded outward for a limited degree, to give the waist a more powerful look I suppose. ^^

The front skirt armors can be bent to the front. For the side skirt armors, forward/backward bends are possible, ...

... as with outward expansion.

Long time no see side-to-side swing-type hinge joint for the hips. ^^
Theoretically, this joint type is a huge boost to the hips' side-to-side expansion, but given GaoGaiGar's overall bulk, I'm not sure how much of the joint's flexibility is actually needed by the figure. ^^

Wide enough sideway expansion range for GaoGaiGar I think. XD

Just 90 degrees for the leg's forward lift, while the backpack blocks the same movement to the back.

A nice bonus for the hips' articulation: separated thigh swivel is implemented. ^^

While it's not needed, each of the two knee drills can be rotated. ^^

Very limited knee bend. ^^;

An impressive linked-movement gimmick: as the knee joint is being bent, the red knee vent would be pulled upward at the same time as well. ^^
There are even some simple line details beneath the knee cover that are revealed after the latter is moved. ^^

Using its ball-type joint, each foot can be swivelled from side to side.
A rather standard articulation point this is, what's more interesting to see, ...

... is the outer leg plate that expands to accommodate the bent foot.
This additional articulation point is available on both legs, but limited to their respective outer plates only. ^^

Using the same ankle joint, each foor can be swivelled forward/backward as well.

The versatile ball-type ankle joint is a bit elusive to be seen clearly. ^^;

With its very limited knee bend, kneeling is not possible at all for GaoGaiGar, ^^; but it does feature some amazing articulation features, perhaps more than what it needs (but still really nice to have on an action figure ^^).

All action poses from this Super Robot Chogokin figure coming up next. ^^

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