Sunday, March 15, 2015

Random (136)

Buy buy buy!

On top of chocolates and cookies, I did get myself a bunch of hobby-related items from my four-day stay in Singapore. ^^

Takara Tomy's "Transformers: Prime" Arms Micron AM-28 Leo Prime
(From China Square Central)

Nanoblock Chun Li (Spinning Bird Kick)
(From Suntec City Mall)

Magazine and Chinese-translated mangas
(From Books Kinokuniya, Bugis Junction)

Kadokawa Shoten's NyanType ("娘TYPE") February 2015 Issue (initially released in December last year)

Comes with a Kantai Collection Shimakaze figure bust made by Kaiyodo.

Magazine content is "unsuitable for the young". ^^

Two compilations of Junji Ito's (伊藤潤二) short stories.

If you like the work of Kazuo Umezu (楳図 かずお), Junji Ito's stories are just as creepy but enticing, with the same vivid details in every horrible way. ^^

T-shirts from China Square Central's Weekend Flea Market.

Iron Man Mk-II, Gundam Destiny, and Char's Customized Gelgoog.

Hobby Base Ultimate Joint Series EX Mechanical Hands (Round)
(From Sunshine Plaza)

Tenyo's Metallic Nano Puzzle Premium Series Gundam RX-78-2 and Zaku II.
(From Funan DigitaLife Mall)

While this batch of purchase is nowhere near as crazy as what I got in 2010, I still had to stuff my luggage pretty badly to accommodate all the souvenirs and other items I need to bring home. ^^;

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