Sunday, March 8, 2015

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From Reclining Buddha to Standing Buddha

Day 6 (March 5) - After visiting Wat Pho, I took a tuk-tuk ride to visit Wat Intharawihan, another Buddhist temple in Bangkok which features the famous standing Buddha statue.

In terms of scale, Wat Intharawihan is smaller than Wat Pho, and perhaps not as well know too since it's located quite far away from the latter. Still, its significance to Buddhism is undeniable, since the temple houses an original relic of Buddha.

For personal reasons, I spent almost the whole of my afternoon at the temple. ^^ Since the crowd is not as huge as that at Wat Pho, one can have more time and space to ponder about faith at this temple.

The consistently scorching Bangkok sun was not helping though. ^^;

Wat Intharawihan
114 Wisut Kasat Road,
Bangkhunphrom, Phra Nakhon,
Bangkok 10200

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