Monday, March 23, 2015

Random (138)

People and skyscrapers

Random photos I took during my short Hong Kong trip as mentioned in the previous posting. ^^

Tramcars, operated by Hong Kong Tramways, Limited is a unique local transportation option. ^^

Tramcar tracks on the roads.

You can see the rooftop of other tall buildings if the building you're in wins the height competition. XD

At the baggage claim area inside Hong Kong International Airport's arrival terminal on Wednesday. (Click for larger view)

Lift buttons inside my hotel.

Evening is when all the buildings come alive with their neon signs. ^^

The Airport Express can bring you from Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong MTR Station (interchange with Central Station) in 24 minutes at HK$ 100 (about RM 50).

Bright sunny Thursday (19 March) in Hong Kong. ^^

The interior of the eatery I visited for my dinner as mentioned in the previous posting. ^^
Small enough?

Having the walls decorated with pictures of menu items offered is the typical setup for such small eateries it seems. ^^

Seeing a restaurant named "Sabah" near my hotel was a somewhat pleasant surprise. XD
I didn't eat there though, because, why should I be eating Malaysian cuisine in a foreign place when I can eat that as much as I want when at home? ^^

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