Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Random (120)

Normal, very normal

Day 3 (March 2) - Was out walking in Bangkok when I noticed something special about the street vendors near Phloen Chit BTS Skytrain station.

The vendors' stalls are right behind a railway track. ^^

There's no stall or other structure being placed on top the track, or I assume that it's still in use. Is the close distance between the stalls and the track safe? I don't know.

Then again, looking at how close other vendors are located next to roads pretty much everywhere I go to here in Bangkok, having stalls situated next to a railway track doesn't look all that special really. ^^;

That random black cat was giving zero meow about the track, so I suppose it's completely alright. ^^

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Anonymous said...

there is an railway market in BKK where the stall are literally on the railway track.. When train arrived, all the store will retreat for a short while.. Very interesting