Sunday, March 22, 2015

Random (137)

My short visit to Hong Kong

Not mentioned on the blog, but for work-related matters, I was in Hong Kong from Wednesday to Friday last week. ^^

This was my first visit to Hong Kong. ^^

The deco at Central Station (中環)

A pet shop. ^^
Fancy a Shiba Inu (柴犬) for HK$ 7,800 (about RM 3,730)? ^^

My hotel was situated not too far away from Wan Chai Road (灣仔道).
Then again, since the place is small, everywhere is not too far away from everywhere. XD

My first dinner in Hong Kong, sirloin noodle (牛腩面) at a tiny eatery near my hotel. ^^
It was HK$38 (about RM 18). ^^;

Seeing the late 肥姐 (Lydia Shum 沈殿霞) hosting her TV game show on the Classics channel.

One of the many clusters of signs at Central Station.

As compared to my recent trip to Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong was much easier to navigate. ^^ Language isn't a problem - everyone speaks English and Mandarin. ^^ The transportation system is very convenient to use, and is very efficient. There are plenty of road signs here and there to show directions as well. I used the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to travel from the airport to my hotel when I arrived in Hong Kong (successfully and without any hassle I should add), even though I didn't do any research on it prior to the trip. ^^;

A concrete jungle Hong Kong is, with many, many people everywhere, I didn't experience much trouble getting from one place to another.

Food is ridiculously expensive in Hong Kong though. -_-

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