Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MG F91 Part 16

The usual trick

Working on the cockpit of F91 this time, and it really is a "usual trick" after MG Destiny and Unicorn Gundam. XD

Painting the pilot figure of Seabook Arno first:

Like Unicorn Gundam, luckily it's UC era of Normal Suit. The design is way easier to handle than the colorful ones from Gundam SEED/SEED Destiny series. ^^;

Painted with Gundam Marker Gray for the attachment on the chest and part of the helmet, and then light blue (a normal pen) for the visor.

This is how he'll look like in his cockpit.
Only half of his body is going to be shown when the cockpit hatch is opened, so I don't fancy pulling another Iron Mask on Seabook XD

Some delicate foil sticker work coming up for the dashboard. ^^

From the foil sticker included for this kit itself, light blue, silver and green for the different parts of the dashboard.
Of course measurements are taken before cutting out those tiny pieces of foil stickers to be pasted onto the part. ^^

The cockpit with and without the dashboard inserted. It's good to see that the metallic green painted for the cockpit is of a different shade than the foil sticker placed on the monitor.

Different angles trying to catch the metallic green background of the cockpit, but not much can be seen though ^^; ...

... and it's almost totally gone when the other part is assembled onto it. ^^;

I never used Gundam Marker Metallic Green for this purpose actually, the result is pretty good actually, just looking at the two pieces individually. However, like the case with the backpack and chest vernier yesterday, the color painted is hard to see when the parts are assembled. ^^;

Then again, this kind of trick for the cockpit is really not for show (much). The fact that how much is to be seen inside depends on the how wide the cockpit hatch can slide is a clear indication that a lot of the painting did is going to be out of sight when the model is completed.

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Joe said...

It's sad that the cockpits are always so hidden on Gunpla.

When I painted the cockpit on my MG Wing Gundam and Wing Zero Ver Kas I was very happy to see how the cockpit slides out so one can see the detail I put into it!