Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lego Adventure: Creator Cool Convertible Part 2

The Oujo has come to oversee the assembly of her car

Figma Drossel finds the slow progress on Lego Creator No. 4993 Cool Convertible rather displeasing.

"It should have been done yesterday!" ^^; So said the princess. ^^;

And it shall be by the end of this posting. ^^

I really like the light blue bricks used for the car seats. It's a very cool color that compliments the overall feel of the car very well. ^^

The seats are too small for Figma Drossel. ^^;
It was never designed to be compatible with action figures from other product lines in the first place.

Building up the front portion of the car.

The basic component of the car's V8 engine.

Hinge joint allows the gray plate-type part to be lowered, which would later become the car's dashboard.

A look at the engine component before it's covered up with other parts. ^^

The front bumper and signal lights.

Continuing the "build up" of the car's front portion.

Assembled one of the doors.

Apart from the door lock, even the little door compartment is realized. Very cool. ^^

Special set of parts that would allow the door to be opened and closed.

The door's design is completely streamlined to the car's body. Just looking at the side of the body, it's hard to tell that the door is functional ...

... until it's been opened. ^^ Very cool.
I like the overall simple white color of the entire door too. ^^

Opening and closing of the door.
Video clip is from Youtube. Follow this link to the website if you can't see anything.

Progress so far, with Figma Drossel striking a pose with the incomplete car. ^^

Completed the other door.

Opening and closing of both doors.

Added the dashboard, steering wheel and light/wiper switch. ^^ There are actually two special parts with printed dashboard detail. ^^
The steering wheel and light/wiper switch can actually be moved.

When everything is put together, it's a very accurate-looking representation of a car's control panel with amazing attention to details. ^^

Added the front grill.

The "spirit" of the car - a V8 engine. ^^
The details are obviously very simple, but it definitely has the look of an actual V8 engine. ^^

Added white and maroon arc parts plus black bars to build up the front portion of the car.

Added the front light and a couple more parts for the body.

Very simple side mirrors ...

... that can be moved nonetheless. ^^
This has to be counted as part of the model's gimmicks too. ^^

Added a few more parts to finish up on the car's body before the hood comes in.

The hood.
The two hinge joint parts are clear indication that it can be opened and closed. ^^

The gimmick is almost the same as the door shown earlier on, except the movement is vertical. ^^
The V8 engine can be seen clearly when the hood is opened.

The last few components for the car: the windshield frame, wiper and styling bar.

So the special katanas mentioned in the previous posting work as windshield wipers on this car. ^^
Kind of a convenient design actually - when danger arises, just reach for the wipers. Instant weapon! XD

No actual windshield, just the frame. ^^
Since the frame's two bases are connected to hinge joint parts, it can be adjusted for a limited degree.

Very large wheels and rim parts that are extremely easy to complete. ^^
Apart from the wheels' details as mentioned yesterday, the rims look really nice too. ^^

Too soon: flat tire XD

With the tires attached, all is done for Lego Creator Cool Convertible. ^^

Here's your car, oujo-sama. ^^

More images of this completed Lego model in the next posting. ^^

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