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HGUC Sazabi Part 13 [Final]

The original boss

The last posting for HGUC Sazabi's review opens with a couple more action poses. ^^

Since the beam sword part is much bigger and longer (and looks better ^^), the beam tomahawk is rarely shown. ^^;

Comparison with his nemesis, Nu Gundam:

Nu Gundam is easily taller as compared to Sazabi, and its overall width matches that of the latter as well. However, that is exactly the imbalance feel I talked about in Part 10. When its Fin Funnels are removed, the comparison would most probably turn out to be like Char's Gelgoog versus Gundam RX-78-2. ^^

Like this. ^^
Image is from the review on MG Char's Gelgoog Ver. 2.0.

Sazabi versus Nu Gundam.

The famous Zaku Kick is possible with this HGUC version. ^^

"Told you not to touch my shield decal just now!" XD

Comparison with his successor unit, Sinanju:

Sinanju's beam sword is definitely bigger than Sazabi's. ^^

And this is how a double-edged beam sword would look like for Sinanju. ^^
The massive span is perhaps the reason why it's meant to be mounted on the shield instead of following Sazabi's design.

Sinanju's beam ax is bigger than its predecessor's beam tomahawk as well.

The beam sabers are almost identical between the two versions.

Sazabi's shield provides a much wider area of protection when used by Sinanju. ^^

A triple beam sword attack for Sazabi with Sinanju's shield. ^^

In a way, both units are piloted by the same person. ^^

I think I mentioned somewhere when reviewing HGUC Sinanju that as much as I like that MS for its spiky fierce look and all its gold emblems, it just lacks that sense of authority I see on Sazabi. Sinanju is not as bulky as its predecessor, and its mechanical specs are arguably better as well. The improvements make sense, and its Gunplas (HGUC or MG) were able to realize all the details and gimmick very well. Then again, for me, the slim-down kind of takes away that unique and eminent "boss" feel on Sazabi, so despite the sleeker look, all the elaborate details, plus spikes/thorns on Sinanju - all the elements I love the most on a Zeon MS, Sazabi is still the ultimate Zeon boss MS for me. ^^

And so that's pretty much it for the review on HGUC Sazabi. It's a really awesome and fun kit. I really can't praise it enough. ^^ Completing this huge kit makes me want to go back and start on the rest of MG Sinanju Ver. Ka, which I left untouched since early October, ^^; but I'll probably leave that till next year, which isn't too far away anymore. ^^ I think I have had enough fun with Gunplas for this year. ^^

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