Sunday, April 1, 2012

BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus Part 6

Chohi Gundam's unofficial brother

Armoring up BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus after completing its plain form in the previous posting. ^^

All the extra parts for Rikuson Z Plus's armors and weapons.

Some of the painted and panel lined details on the parts.

Silver foil sticker is used as the base on the head gear before the clear blue part is attached to give the latter an inner reflection. ^^

All armor components for Rikuson Z Plus.

An armored Rikuson Z Plus without any weapon attached.

Equipped with his staff 寶旋霞.

All done for Rikuson Z Plus. ^^ Besides increase in size (obviously), the armor parts help to reaffirm the character's design resemblance to Z Plus, which isn't clear in his basic form as shown in the previous posting. ^^

More images of the completed model:

Closeups on the details:

Some action poses of this completed BB Senshi kit:

A bit of part swapping is required to mount the shield to the forearm.

(Left) The right shoulder "pad" is removed from the shoulder armor and tabbed onto the top portion of the shield in a reversed position.
(Right) Two tabs on the rear face connects the shield to the right forearm.

The shield is mounted onto the forearm.

With the protruding beak, the shield can be used as a weapon on its own I think. ^^

It's not easy adjusting for action poses now, with such a large piece of attachment on the right arm. ^^;

Story wise, I don't think Rikuson Z Plus has any relationship with Chouhi Gundam, whose design is based on Zeta Gundam. The two said characters are from different factions in the story of "BB Senshi Sangokuden", with Rikuson Z Plus in Sonken Gundam's Kingdom of Gou (轟), while Chouhi is with Ryubi Gundam's kingdom of Shou (翔).

Then again, in terms of their Gunpla designs, some of the features between the two are "mysteriously" similar: ^^
- Rikuson Z Plus has a right spread palm, Chouhi Gundam has a left spread palm.
- Both of them have very similar one-piece chest armor part with sharp protruding collars.
- Both are using pole weapons. Chouhi Gundam's spear (called Raija - 雷蛇) takes into consideration the actual character's weapon of choice from "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" while integrating Zeta Gundam's wing design into it, which is cool and understandable. Rikuson Z Plus's staff seems to be designed very loosely to relate to the large beam cannon used by Zeta Plus C1 "Hummingbird".

Are the similarities deliberately put in to connect the two for their Zeta Gundam relationship? Maybe. ^^ Only the designer can confirm on this I suppose. ^^

A look at the transformation gimmick of this BB Senshi Sangokuden kit in the next posting.

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