Tuesday, April 3, 2012

1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia Part 7

An integration of new and old elements

Assembling another Gunpla after BB Senshi Sangokuden Rikuson Z Plus. ^^

It's 1/100 Gundam Avalanche Exia's turn this time, after sitting idly in my closet for over a month. ^^

Foil sticker sheet, separated runner featuring all the clear parts painted using normal green highlighter and painted GN sword part.

Parts of GN Sword.

GN sword completed.

Details in front and behind the weapon.

With the sword expanded.

Parts of GN Long and Short Blades.

Assembly for the two blades is actually the same. It's only the blades' length that tells the difference.

Four sets of identical parts for the beam sabers/daggers.

Parts of the right arm.

Separable components of the right arm in plain form and Avalanche form's add-on parts.

The mecha component which was painted and detailed extensively in Part 3 is contained inside the blue armor.

The light blue cell (?) part of the mecha component can be seen beneath the forearm.

The yellow part that fits in front of the mecha component gives the vent a completed and detailed look. ^^

The cover that conceal the cells has very extensive line details as well. ^^

Completely done for the right arm. ^^

Even though it's slightly limited by the protruding mount rack part on top the forearm, the elbow articulation range is still pretty impressive for an 1/100 scale kit. It's certainly no less than that on the original Gundam Exia.

A small GN thruster behind the forearm mecha component can be seen.

With GN Sword

With GN Sword mounted onto the right arm.
The large attachment beneath the forearm doesn't allow the sword to be completely collapsed onto its handle, which constitutes to a much larger look of the weapon on the right arm.

GN Sword's mount latch must be adjusted to a slightly bent position to fit into the new rack.

Parts of the left arm.

Separable components of the left arm in plain form and Avalanche form's add-on parts.

The same Avalanche form's add-on parts on the left forearm.

Done for the left arm. ^^

Same elbow articulation range for the left arm.

Parts of the shoulder armors.

Done for the shoulder armors.

The upper arms are to the shoulder armors via the GN Stripes' base.

Done for both arms.

Parts of the right leg.

New GN Condenser part that has a pin to connect to the calf thruster, but doesn't allow any sticker or clear part of the GN Condenser.

(Not really) separable components of the right leg in plain form, without any Avalanche form's add-on parts.

Done for the right leg's plain form.

The calf thruster and its covers are the only add-on parts for the leg.

Completely done for the right leg. ^^

The calf thruster can be lifted.

Mecha details beneath the thruster can be seen.

Unlike the elbow, the knee articulation is completely unaffected by the new parts.
The knee can bend for a much wider degree than what's shown here actually. ^^;

(Left) Exposed part of the knee when the latter is bent.
(Right) As the knee component is bent, the calf thruster also experiences a slight bent, allowing it to be lifted slightly. ^^


Parts of the left leg.

Done for the left leg's plain form.

Adding on the calf thruster.

Completely done for the left leg. ^^

Same knee articulation range as the right leg.

Done for both legs.

Parts of the waist.

The two beam dagger mount racks on the rear skirt armor now act as the middle thruster's base.
It's movable for now, but when the large blue rear skirt armor comes on later, the middle thruster's base is going to be completely fixed. ^^;

Just components for the waist before the final assembly.

Done for the waist.

With the two legs completed earlier on.

The entire lower body is done. ^^

Very nice and natural-looking kneeling pose, but ...

... looking at just how awkward the front skirt armor's lifted position is, I don't think the completed model is capable of kneeling. ^^;

Among the weapons, the shield is not assembled, since it's not on the list for Gundam Avalanche Exia. ^^;

The assembly will move on to the shoulder pads and body unit next. ^^

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