Friday, February 14, 2014

MG Sinanju Ver. Ka Part 20

3 times the bazooka

Even though the work on Master Grade Sinanju Ver. Ka was completed back in late January, I do have two additional but (very) applicable add-ons that I would like to give to that MG kit. Since those add-ons do require a bit of painting, and detailing, much like Sinanju itself, I figure it would be nice for said work to be done before the final assembly.

By the way, I actually forgot about the add-ons during the work on Sinanju because I stored them in separate locations, away from that MG kit. ^^; It really is an unfortunate case of "out of sight, out of mind". ^^;

The first of two said add-ons is this:

This is rocket bazooka for Sinanju, a limited kit bundled with Gundam Unicorn novel Vol. 8 "The Sky and the Stars" ("宇宙と惑星と"), which was published by Kadokawa Comics Ace, and was released in early April 2009. The three sets that I got were from Knolly, who did a group order for the weapon set when it was first announced - many thanks to him for that fine effort. ^^ The bazooka maintained its limited status for a few years, before it was eventually being included in the regular release of MG Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka, and just a month after the release of that kit, the OVA version of MG Sinanju as well. ^^

With the bazooka included, the OVA version is arguably more "complete" than the initial Ver. Ka release. Even all the Ver. Ka markings not available on the OVA version can be realized via separately released Gundam Decal set. Then again, unless everybody can see four years into the future after the bazooka was first announced, that it was going to be bundled with an MSV version of Sinanju that never existed back then, the eventual regular release treatment that the bazooka received was never a big issue to me. ^^ When the limited status of the beam gatling guns for MG Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka, also a Gundam Unicorn novel limited weapon set, was "revoked" (XD) when it was included in MG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Ver. Ka, I had the feeling that the bazooka was going to receive the same treatment soon. ^^ "MS Gundam Unicorn" is simply too lucrative for the weapon set to be left as a mere limited item I guess. XD

Although I have three sets in my collection, I think I'll just work on two, and keep the last set for collection. ^^ Then again, since I'm interested in getting the OVA version, and Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka, this batch of work on the two sets isn't going to be the last time that I get to deal with the same bazooka. ^^

Front view of the paper box.

Sinanju is shown to be wielding the rocket bazooka in the box art, but the MS is shown in opaque, obviously to highlight the weapon instead of its user.

The logo of Kadokawa Comics Ace at the bottom right corner of the box top.

Introduction of the weapon kit on the left side of the box.

An opaque image of Sinanju that isn't focusing on anything, and information about the kit on the back of the box.

"Not selling separately" (分売不可) ^^;

The name of the Master Grade kit the weapon set is meant for on the top and bottom sides of the box.

Box open.


With their opening edges sealed using clear tapes, the two empty paper trays can be used to store all the removed parts later. ^^

The plastic package containing the two runners for the bazooka.

A two-page instruction sheet.

The bazooka can be mounted onto the beam rifle using the slot initially designed for the grenade launcher.

(Left) The ability to attach the bazooka to the grenade launcher's mount rack behind the shield can be seen in the manual of the OVA version of MG Sinanju.
(Right) The ability to beef up the weaponized shield even further with Unicorn Gundam's beam gatling gun however, can only be seen on this instruction sheet. ^^

A look at the two runners of this weapon kit:

Runner P1

The runner's label is just "MG 1/100 Sinanju", no "Ver. Ka" or the name of the weapon itself.

Large one-piece barrel parts.

One-piece design can be seen on most other parts of the runner as well.

Runner P2

The front and rear part separation for the bazooka rounds not only minimizes the seam line between the parts, it's going to be very helpful to the paint work as well.

The two body parts are the largest in this kit, easily.

The removed parts have been organized into the two paper trays according to their sizes.

The bazooka barrel's color is light gray, according to the weapon's setting as seen in the OVA, but I don't think I want to follow this color scheme, as the extension/retraction of the barrel would probably cause the paint applied to that component to be rubbed off. Furthermore, since light gray isn't seen on the beam rifle, or the grenade launcher, the inclusion of a new color on this additional weapon seems unnecessary to me.
Images are edited from the instruction manual of MG Sinanju OVA Ver. on Hobby Search.

All the parts are panel lined using Tamiya's Panel Line Accent Color (Black) first.

Will start refining the panel lined parts, and add in some paint for some of them in the next posting. ^^


Chris said...

lol I manage to hold off the urge to get those limited items, namely Sinanju's rocket bazooka and Unicorn's gatlings, and got them in Stein and FA Unicorn respectively. The temptation is there when knockoffs of those 2 are released in our local hometown hobby shop.

Unknown said...

Anyone know where i can buy 1? I know its hard to find 1 now. I dont like to buy the third party bazooka..