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S.I.C. Vol. 42 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form & Momotaros Imagin Part 2

A surprisingly short list for two figures

After the introduction, this posting will focus on most of the accessories and option parts included for S.I.C. Vol. 42 Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form & Momotaros Imagin.

The two S.I.C. figures, and most of their accessories and option parts.

The Flat Form parts will be introduced in a separate posting.

[Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form]

Accessories and option parts for Sword Form.

DenGasher in sword mode.

Closeups on the sword's details.

Length of the sword: about 14.5cm.

The sword can be dismantled to get DenGasher as separated pieces to be mounted on Kamen Rider Den-O's belt.

All five separable pieces of the sword.

The four DenGasher components.

The tab behind the blade-equipped piece needs can be hinged down, back into the body.

A tiny tip piece is included to fill in the gap left by the removed blade.

Equipping the four DenGasher components to Kamen Rider Den-O's belt according to their designated configuration.

With the round pegs and slots, there's no doubt the components can be mounted to the belt in different ways, but the need for that "deviation" has never crossed my mind. ^^

A swordless Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form, which is still very cool-looking. ^^

Five option hand units for the figure.

A pair of open fists to hold the sword.

The palm area's has just the right space to hold the sword handle, but the finger section must be spread outward first before the sword handle can be slid into the palm area. The process can be a bit troublesome some time. ^^;

A pair of spread palms.

The most important hand unit of them all: a thumbs-up right hand. ^^
Without it, Momotaros Imagin's fabulous grand entrance pose cannot be realized. XD

There are two types of peg arrangement designed for the wrist joints: the open fists for weapon have pegs that hinges vertically, which would allow the figure to perform thrusting and slashing poses with the sword. The rest have more normal type of pegs that allow the hand units to be bent inward/outward. ^^

The default pair of closed fists.

Rider Pass

Amazing tampo printed emblems, and sculpt details on such a small part.

Size comparison between Rider Pass and a 10-cent coin.

Rider Pass can be held using either open fist for weapon, but the pose seems quite awkward. ^^;

[Momotaros Imagin]

Accessories and option parts for Momotaros Imagin.


Very nice gradient paint work on the entire sword, with dark silver (which is still shiny enough ^^) for the blade.

Length of the sword: about 12cm.

Two option forehead parts with different eye expression: completely closed, and half-closed.

Momotaros Imagin's lovely face with the default forehead part removed. XD

Comparison between the default forehead (far left) and the two option parts.

Momotaros Imagin with the two forehead parts.
Since Momotaros Imagin never exhibited any change in his expression in the show, obviously due to costume design (XD), the forehead options, and another gimmick of the head yet to be discussed, is already in the realm of imagination, which is quite true to the name of the product. XD

Like Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form, there are five hand units for Momotaros Imagin. A pair of open fists to hold Momotarosword are two of them.

The smaller (as compared to that on DenGasher in sword mode), rounded handle design of Momotarosword allows it to be slid into the palm of the open fists very easily. ^^

A pair of spread palm.
The design seems better than the same pair given for Kamen Rider Den-O I think, especially the bent thumb. ^^

A very expressive right hand to hold the coffee cup. Its look can be described to be elegant almost, which is hard to relate to Momotaros Imagin.

Great sculpt and paint details for the armor parts on the back of the hand units. ^^

The same two types of peg design as seen on those for Kamen Rider Den-O on Momotaros Imagin's option hand units

The default pair of closed fists.

The unique accessories just for Momotaros Imagin: a cup of coffee, most likely a bad one as that's usually how Noami made her coffee (XD), and a saucer for it.

The cup and saucer are really adorable accessories in their own right because of the nice black on white paint scheme. ^^

Size comparison between the cup and saucer and a 10-cent coin.

The coffee cup held using the special option right hand.

The saucer can be held using the left open fist for weapon, which doesn't look too bad at all. ^^

Cup and saucer pose is good, standing straight up to drink a cup of coffee is a strange pose. XD

More images of Kamen Rider Den-O Sword Form in the next posting. ^^

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