Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster Part 3

Sharp and silver

More images of Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster after the previous posting: ^^

Technically, the swords shouldn't be displayed together, as Vanity Ripper is the upgraded form of Discutter. In other words, Cybaster should be holding just one sword, or two if only Vanity Ripper is split in half. ^^ Then again, why dwell into such technicality when both swords are just too awesome not to be shown together? ^^

Closeups on the details:



[Waist & tail]

[Wings & backpack]



[Vanity Ripper]




The previous posting offered a nice preview to the sharp image of Cybaster, and while all the weapons, accessories, and option parts are quite impressive in their own rights, the main figure itself is unbelievably amazing. The shiny silver paint scheme is good enough to show Cybaster's awesome appearance, the sharpness in all of its component design is really something else. ^^ That sharpness is almost uncharacteristic of action figures from Bandai, where there's always something to remind you that they are made of plastic. While that's still true with Cybaster - there's no die-cast material used on the entire figure, its design and paint work deceptively portray the opposite of that. The figure looks heavy, and metallic, but in actuality, it's all plastic. ^^ For that matter, the craftsmanship of this figure is definitely very impressive. ^^

Besides the overall appearance, there are great attention to Cybaster's smaller details as well. The red and silver color separation on the helmet and knees, all the clear green parts that are made of actual clear parts, the teeth-like details on the forearm arms that match those on the wing clusters, and intricate molded details behind the knee and on the soles are some examples of that. What's interesting about them in my opinion, is just how well the details match the overall image of Cybaster. ^^ Most of the details are not as crazy as what you can find on the inner frame of a Master Grade Gunpla, ^^ but they work well on Cybaster. The details are not too elaborate to steal the spotlight off the main figure, but they are not overly simplistic to look like they don't matter at all. ^^

A look at the Cybaster's articulation design and posability next. ^^

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