Sunday, September 28, 2014

Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster Part 7

Not much to expect

Talking about the third robot transformation for this month alone: Composite Ver. Ka Cybaster's Cybird mode. ^^

Discutter, and Vanity Ripper have nowhere to be on Cybird. ^^;

The transformation involves a bit of part-swapping - the tail unit, and both hands must be detached from the figure as well.

The head is pushed into its chest.

The upper body is bent to the front for as much as the waist allows it to go.

The forward bending shown above is enabled by the waist port's hinge joint.

The backpack is split apart.

The bottom edge of the backpack can be used to secure the upper body's bent position.
Since it's not mentioned in the instruction sheet, I suppose it can be considered a bonus feature of the transformation design.

Using its multiple hinge joints, the knee is extended downward.

The knee's transformation involves inversely bending the lower half of the leg so that the round cap sits (about) inside the shallow port beside the thigh.

Like this. ^^

The transformed left leg versus the normal right leg.

(Left) The right leg has been transformed.
(Right) The legs are bent downward at their hips.

The collision between the skirt armors and the downward bent legs causes the former to be split apart.

The four talons on each foot are hinged to the front.

Each shoulder is rotated downward until the shoulder armor is facing the front side of Cybird. The forearm is bent upward for 90 degrees.
Using the bicep swivel, the arm is rotated inward for a slight degree, until the wrist joint is hidden from sight.

The last step shown above is not mentioned in the instruction sheet, but I think it's necessary, as it makes the arm seems more cohesive with the body.

The shoulder spike is rotated backward.

Done for the arms' transformation. ^^

The front skirt armor is pulled upward for as far as its straight peg allows it to go.

The tail unit is attached to the hip port meant for the figure's display stand in robot mode (see Part 2).

The bottom point of the front skirt armor matches the sunken area above the tail unit. ^^

The wings clusters are adjusted so that the tips are facing backward.

All done for Cybird's transformation. ^^

Despite having two peg slots on the back (one from the detached tail unit, and one bonus port for Soul Stage display base sets - see Part 5), none of them is useful to mount Cybird to the figure's own display stand. ^^;

Unless you want your Cybird to be displayed "poking" straight up like this. ^^;

The bendable joint of a Soul Stage display stand is much more flexible to show off Cybird in midair. ^^

Like this. ^^

More images of Cybaster in its Cybird mode:

Closeups on the details:


[Main body]




Bottom view:

No matter how, or from which angle it's viewed, the transformed figure looks like it's Cybaster holding up its robot mode tail on its hips, and pointing it straight to the front.

Oh my~ XD

Perhaps that's why the instruction sheet never mentioned bending the forearm inward to hide the wrist joint, an optional step I took when transforming my Cybaster. XD

On a more serious note, Cybird's design is not exactly interesting to begin with. It didn't seem that great when I first saw it in the TV series of "Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars", and there's very little that this Composite Ver. Ka realization is offering to change that impression of mine (or lack thereof). ^^; With that in mind, the transformation design, as well as Cybird itself are features that I don't really care too much about on this figure. It's not poor per se, and I don't think the part-swapping design actively degrades the playability of the transformation either. I just don't think there's much the figure can offer when the mecha it's supposed to transform into isn't intrinsically interesting. ^^;

More action poses from Cybaster in robot mode coming up next, in what would be the last posting of this review series. ^^


Dennis aka Katsuden said...

NiceLY chromed Cybaster ! Missed those days of playing Super Robot Wars Origin...

Ngee Khiong said...


I never played the game before, but as you said, the paint work on this figure is really nice. ^^