Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters Cyberverse Legion Class Blight Part 3

What is up is now down

Moving on to the transformation design of "Transformers: Prime - Beast Hunters" Cyberverse Legion Class Blight after the previous posting. ^^

Affliction Hammer must be removed first.

The hands are bent inward for 90 degrees.

Using their shoulder joints, the arms are swung upward.

The chest panel is hinged downward, and Blight's head is then flipped inward.
The chest panel shouldn't be closed up yet after the last step.

The hips are split as wide as they can go. This pushes the two arms close to one another as well.

By pegging the chest panel into their corresponding slots on the main body, the "new" body of Blight, for its beast mode is complete. ^^

By flipping the figure around, I'm sure you can see where the transformation will move on next. ^^

Each beast mode arm is rotated downward. Each forearm is swivelled around at elbow level until the yellow spike is facing outward. The claws are then flipped downward to form the hand.

The beast mode legs are adjusted so that the feet are positioned flat.

The entire beast mode head block is flipped all the way to the front.

All done for the transformation. ^^

More images of Blight in its beast mode:

Closeups on the details:





I like the "upside-down-robot-to-beast-mode" (and vice-versa) transformation very much. ^^ Even though it's quite simple, the transformation design is pretty creative, and fun to play with. The switch between legs in robot mode to arms in beast mode is most clever in my opinion. They look proportionate to Blight's bulky body in robot mode, but the same bulk does support Blight's fearsome image in beast mode as well. ^^ They are certainly much better designed as compared to the legs, which suffer from having the hands sticking out from the ankles.

I like the head design of Blight in beast mode too. ^^ It's a dragon with yellow mohawk. How can that go wrong? XD

A look at the beast mode's articulation design:

There's no neck joint for the dragon head, which is understandable. The head can be lifted via the same hinge from the transformation, if you don't mind the huge split in the chest area.

The beast mode uses the same set of ball-type joints as the robot mode for its shoulders and hips.

Wide range of articulation for the arms using the ball-type shoulder joints.

The claws can be opened/closed.

The knee swivel introduced in the previous posting now forms the elbow bend, and the limitation posed by the yellow spike is still present.

The slots to mount Affliction Hammer is now on the upper arms.

The hammer can obviously still be stored on Blight in beast mode, albeit looking much more awkward in my opinion. ^^;

Wide range of articulation for the legs enabled by the ball-type hip joints.

Very simple action poses for Blight in beast mode:

Some action poses from Blight in its robot mode coming up in the next posting, which will be the last of this review series. ^^

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